Produce Junction Flowers

Produce Junction Flowers Overview & Prices

Cheap, easy-to-plant flowers make me happy. You can find those at quite a few places locally, but Produce Junction is one of my favorites for flowers. We’re finally past the danger of frost – it’s been a bit dicey a few days here and there, but we’ve made it. To get our gardens geared up for summer, we picked out some of our favorite Produce Junction flowers last week. My daughters and their friends helped me to plant them and water them and now we get to enjoy the beauty stretching from the driveway up to our front door. If I had more time, I’d cover our backyard in Produce Junction flowers, too! Here’s what you can expect for PJ flowers this year…

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Father's Day Meal Deals

Father’s Day Meal Deals & Dining Experiences Roundup

Thinking about Father’s Day meal deals begs the question, should Dad really be grilling everyone’s food on his day? I think the jury’s still out on that one. Some dads really like to barbecue. Others maybe not so much. Whatever the case for those special men in your life, here are the top Father’s Day Meal Deals and freebies I could find for Father’s Day 2019.  

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Fun Father's Day Activities

25 Fun Father’s Day Activities & Freebies for Dad

Does your dad like to relax or go on adventures? Is he competitive or pretty laid back? Whatever the case, Father’s Day activities come in so many different flavors to suit the man of the house. For some, Father’s Day is the day we celebrate by relaxing and giving Dad his own meal (and ours) to cook on the barbecue. For others, it’s an epic day of fun, going from place to place and doing his favorite activities – or maybe even something brand-new – with the ones he loves. Consider these fun Father’s Day activities to arrive at a memorable and truly enjoyable day for Dad and the whole family.

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Free Kids Movies This Summer

Cheap and Free Kids Movies This Summer

It’s summer movie season and it won’t take you long to update your calendar with a few children’s summer movies to enjoy as a family. Better yet, take a look at your many options for free kids’ movies this summer so you can save on costs and really pack in the fun summertime activities. Unquestionably worth it – here’s the scoop on the various cheap and free kids movies you should definitely check out.

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Escape Room Locations in King of Prussia, Pottstown, Trappe and Beyond

Escape Room 101: Tips, Escape Room Coupons, and Themes

Can you escape the room before the clock runs out? Imagine being stuck in a room with some of your closest friends as you try to solve puzzles and break out in time. This ‘How to: Escape Room’ Guide will give you the rundown on what to expect as far as escape room cost, time, and puzzle solving. Even if you’re a total escape room noob, you can score a deal, get out in time, and create fun memories with your friends or family.

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May Passport to Fun - Things to do in Montgomery and Berks County PA

Montgomery & Berks County Events for Kids May 2019

It’s almost impossible to believe May 2019 is halfway over already. And soon, the whole year will be halfway over. Despite more drenching rains than we can shake a stick at, the year is flying by. Here’s a snapshot of some fun Montgomery and Berks County events for kids and families to enjoy in May 2019. Also be sure to download a copy of my May Passport to Fun so you can check off as many fun kids’ activities in the month of May as possible.

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Oley Turnpike Dairy and Zoo - goats trio

Oley Turnpike Dairy, Petting Zoo, and Playground Replay

When a full trip to the zoo isn’t in the cards, a visit to the Oley Turnpike Dairy and Petting Zoo can be just as much fun at a moment’s notice and a fraction of the cost. On the way to the petting zoo, Berks County roads took us over a picturesque covered bridge shortly before our arrival. The country roads flanked by serene landscape offered a calm and comfortable, leisurely commute. The Oley petting zoo prices and wide variety of animals, plus play area and ice cream, offered a fun and affordable stop on our birthday girl’s Saturday afternoon family celebration.

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Ott's Nursery in Schwenksville PA

Ott’s Greenhouse: Exotic Plants and Surprises for All Ages

If you’ve driven by Ott’s Exotic Plants dozens of times and haven’t stopped yet, you are missing out. In the world of southeastern PA plants, this place is one of the greatest we’ve found. I’ve wanted to take my daughters to Ott’s nursery for quite some time. From the rural road, the Ott’s Greenhouse stands out vibrantly full of life. And that’s before you even step inside. Schwenksville’s roadside gem offers adventures untold for plant lovers, nature lovers, and wide-eyed children alike. Here’s a snapshot of what we found inside.

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Mother's Day Activities for a Rainy Day

Indoor Mother’s Day Activities: Ideas for a Rainy Day + Freebies & Deals

For the second year in a row, it’s going to be another rainy Mother’s Day. Luckily last year our family went to see the Lombardi Trophy. It was a great day at the Home of the Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field. We got our pictures taken with the Super Bowl trophy and then went out to Nifty Fifty’s for burgers and shakes. They gave me a free flower and it was pretty much a perfect day. I’m feeling a little less optimistic about Mother’s Day 2019. This year the weather looks pretty terrible—cold with a high of 52 and more rain. So, I’ve been scouring all over the web to find indoor Mother’s Day activities to enjoy on a rainy day.

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Fun Graduation Ideas

Fun Graduation Ideas: Oh, the Places You’ll Go Teacher Signature Book

Does your family have a lot of traditions? How about secret traditions? One of the cutest and most fun graduation ideas I stumbled upon while scrolling through my Facebook feed last year. I happened upon the suggestion to get your child’s teacher to sign a copy of the most iconic children’s book about graduation, career, and life in general—Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” And, it’s brilliant. This makes a wonderful annual tradition that you do in secret, sneakily getting teachers to sign the book with a special message. An “Oh the Places You’ll Go” Signature Book becomes a gift full of graduation quotes and end of school year thoughts from beloved teachers. Then, come high school graduation or college graduation, you have a truly sentimental gift for your beloved child as they go off on their own into the world.

Somebody, please pass me the tissues. It’s just my allergies, I swear.

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