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FREE Bubble Festival Events in Montco, Berks, & Beyond

Not to burst your bubble, but if you’re still using just those old-school bubble containers and plastic bubble wands, you’re doing it wrong.

You can treat your kids to amazing bubbles beyond their wildest dreams at one of the many FREE Grandpop Bubbles Bubble Festival events happening up and down Route 422 and beyond. Enjoy bubbles in the spring, summer, and fall where your kids AND you can make the biggest bubbles of your life.

Giant, Hands-on Bubble Show

Grandpop Bubbles generously brings gallons and gallons of his Special Bubble Juice and countless. Among them, you’ll be able to try 4′ bubble wands and his own 3′ bubble “Tristrings” (two sticks and strings). He’ll also have on hand 10′, 16’, and now 20’ poles that grownups may be able to try. Grandpop Bubbles designed all of these unique contraptions to make millions of bubbles that float beautifully through the air.

Can’t help yourself from popping bubbles when you see them? Not to worry. In addition to creating the largest bubbles of your lifetime, you can also join in the fun of popping them. Try to pop all the cars in a bubble train and pop thousands of bubbles set into motion by Grandpop Bubbles himself.

Free Bubble Festival - Grandpop Bubbles

Bubble Fest Mastermind: Grandpop Bubbles

Brian “Grandpop Bubbles” Maloney is a great guy. I met him two Septembers ago when our family went to one of the free bubble festivals in our area. He’s personally designed and manufactured his own bubbling gear and his secret recipe of bubble solution. This man has a good heart. He delights in making people happy, and he’s very good at it for kids of all ages. These bubble fests are something even our parents and grandparents would enjoy.

In particular, our kids loved the entire experience! My oldest daughter was five at the time and she was fully capable of making some of the big bubbles herself. With so many people coming out to enjoy making and bursting the bubbles, we were also impressed with the culture of sharing Grandpop Bubbles creates with his bubble shows.

We can’t wait to go back and this year we are hoping to go to more than one Grandpop Bubbles bubble festival event. Hit me up if you want a bubble play date. :))

Bubble Fest

Bubble Fest Tips:

If you’re taking your family to a bubble show with Grandpop Bubbles, you don’t need much preparation. These free bubble festivals are great family fun that you can enjoy spontaneously, but it can be even more fun if you plan ahead with a friend. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your experience.

  • Check the details for the free bubble festivals. You might get lucky with a bubble festival taking place as a special feature of another event like an Easter egg hunt or a community day festival. Stay as long as you like or pop in and out just for a quick pick-me-up on an already-busy day.
  • Keep little ones from wiping their eyes after playing with the bubble gear or popping bubbles. Sometimes an event may overlap a bit with naptime and the little hands go to rub the eyes even despite your best efforts. If bubble solution does get into the eyes, simply flush with water and snuggle and soothe your child. It may take a little while to wear off, but they’ll be just fine.
  • Bring along baby wipes and tissues in case you need a quick cleanup. Bubble solution may get onto your hands, skin, and clothes. Don’t be surprised about this. In addition to wipes and tissues, you may want to have a water bottle on hand as well.
  • Bring sunglasses or hats so everyone can enjoy the bubbles. When it’s a really bright day, little ones may be hesitant to look around. With a little eye protection, everyone can enjoy the entire bubble show no problem.
  • On hot days, don’t forget sunscreen! Let your family enjoy the fun as long as they like without worry of a sunburn.
  • Make sure your phone is charged! When we went to the bubble show in September 2017, I am pretty sure my phone was on its last blip of battery. That’s probably why I don’t have as many pictures as I usually do for all of our family’s adventures.

Bubble Fest Tips - Grandpop Bubbles

Enjoy a Free Bubble Fest!

If your family hasn’t been to a free bubble festival yet, make it a priority for this year! It’s finally getting nice out so it’s the perfect time of year to start getting everyone outside. Check out the full schedule of Bubble Festival Events and mark your calendars for some good, old-fashioned family fun away from the devices and outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

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