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22 Girls Night Out Ideas in Berks & Montgomery Counties and Beyond

Every mama needs a break here and there. Schedule your next girls’ night out in Berks or Montgomery County with one of these fun femme bucket list ideas. I’ve pulled together 22 ladies’ night ideas in our area and will continue to add more as they come to my attention. Enjoy your much-deserved girls’ night and make your own bucket list with some of these ideas. (Forgive the fact that most of my photos are with my little girls! Clearly I don’t get out as much as I should.)

A few of my friends and I made a cocktail-infused pledge to get together more in the new year. So, we thought it would be a good idea to create a running list of things we want to do in the near future. We already have our own friends’ bucket list, but may be updating it to include some of these fun ideas for girls’ nights.

Girls Night Out Ideas Near Me

A girls night out may be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Whatever your interests, different ideas for girls nights can satisfy creative inspirations, a special craving, or hunger for adventure. Consider these indoor or outdoor local girls night out plans for the 422 strip including Collegeville, King of Prussia, and surrounding areas.

Girls Night Out Escape Room

Active & Adventurous Girls Night Out Plans

  1. Escape Rooms – Sure, there are always some people you’d rather not be locked in a room with. (Isn’t that called “work”? JK! It’s toddlers. Definitely toddlers. Okay, okay, I’m joking.) Anyway, if you pick your posse wisely, you can beat the clock and escape the room victorious and maybe even go home with a little Escape Room swag. With the right crowd, you’ll have fun and you can increase your chances of a successful great escape. Choose from escape room locations in King of Prussia, Captured in Coventry, or Trappe, among lots of others . Our group recently had a blast at Captured in Coventry where we busted out of the Pirates: Captured! room in 49:33 with a group of eight of us and NO clues. It was so much fun and we can’t wait to go back! (Just saw that Captured in Coventry has a Wednesday deal of $50 off if you book the whole room for 8 people for $150. Sounds like a weeknight ladies’ night to me!) Sidebar: Hopefully we are allowed back to TGI Friday’s for drinks and apps. Boisterous fun erupted when we took our escape room after-party over there for celebratory drinks. 
  2. Axe Throwing – It may not sound very girlie, but that could mean twice the fun! I’ve heard this new sport? activity? Whatever it is – is all the rage right now and friends have told me it’s competitive, enjoyable, memorable, and worth the drive (and the cost). I think it’s often a very popular couples’ excursion but could be fun for the girls, too. I think some rowdy, rough-and-tumble kind of fun might be a nice change of pace. Kids talking back, work is a mess, no one’s helping around the house – Throw an axe! Get that frustration out of your body! Local axe throwing options include Bury the Hatchet KOP and Splitting Edge Axe Throwing in Pottstown—loving those super clever names and can’t wait to go check it out for ourselves!
  3. iFly King of Prussia – The skydiving simulator experience in King of Prussia can be an exhilarating group activity if you’re blessed with a fearless sense of adventure. With a slight fear of heights, I tend to prefer my flying mainly in my dreams or enroute to tropical paradise, but I think I could be persuaded. I’m thinking a skydiving simulation would deliver a sweet adrenaline rush. Not to mention it would be much better than jumping out of a real plane! My husband went to iFly KOP for a work team-builder and said it was really cool. He mentioned the turns seemed to go by pretty quickly, which could be ideal for those of us who’ve never tried it and for groups. This could be an exciting girlfriends’ night out for something different and adventurous to do. I wonder if it feels like flying in your dreams? Only one way to find out.
  4. Miniature Golf – The weather is finally starting to cooperate. Some miniature golf or chip n putt is undoubtedly in our future. Our family’s favorite is Waltz Golf Farm in Limerick. Show off your mad mini golf skills at Castle Golf or Farm Golf. You can also play Par 3, or hit the driving range or the batting cages. You can find plenty of mini golf courses all along Route 422 and beyond, but this one has a soft spot in my heart. Loser buys ice cream!Miniature Golf at Waltz Golf Farm Limerick / Royersford PA
  5. Bowling – To some, bowling might feel like your mama’s old pastime. To others, bowling is a classic activity that never grows old. In fact, bowling can be just as competitive as it is comfortable. Whichever way you roll, it’s an activity worthy of your time, especially when a lot of the local bowling alleys have their own bars. We’ve gone to Limerick Bowl a couple of times and we always enjoy our visit. They have a full bar, great food (we had chicken tenders and fries), and an arcade in addition to the lanes. I’ve seen a fresh take on their events schedule as well, with movies in the summer sometimes. Bowling with friends is a lot of fun and this definitely belongs on the list. (FYI: I’m still waiting to find the “tower of beer” like the bowling alley near our college used to serve. Will update if I find a place that offers that!)
  6. Psychic Readings – Now this is one kind of adventure I think I’d personally avoid, because I’m pretty sure I don’t. want. to. know. HOWever. A tarot card reading or other psychic reading could be a fun excursion on a girls’ night if it doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies or long-term anxiety. Perhaps it’s easier or more fun when you have your friends to join in or back you up! I once had a friend who told us the story of when her mom went to a psychic. Ever since, for the rest of her life, she would never ride in a blue car. Apparently, the psychic told her she would die in a blue car going over a bridge, so she avoided all possible instances. Can you blame her? Seriously, I don’t think I could handle the what-if’s if my session included details about my future demise. So, I just stay away, thanks. (But that doesn’t mean you have to!)

Painting with a Twist Girls Day Date

Creative Girls Night Out Plans

  1. Paint and Sip – Or, just paint. So, funny story, I set up a Bob Ross themed paint and sip at my house for just me and hubs for his birthday. Hired an artist, had kitchen decked out with snacks as far as the eye could see. A meat and cheese platter with crackers, grapes, dessert, the whole nine. We cracked open a bottle of wine and I got just two sips in. Then, I saw how much I’m lacking in the precision painting department. Trying to paint straight lines for tree trunks is not easy, people! Hah. Anyway, our artist Sylvia was AMAZING. I was absolutely thrilled with how our VERY FIRST attempts at painting came out. Since then, I even took my girls down to Philly to Painting with a Twist for a Mommy and Me Unicorn Painting Party. Just incredible! While I definitely recommend that Philly PWAT studio, you can also find a plethora of paint and sip experiences all up and down Route 422 and in every which way. (Like Pinot’s Palette in Collegeville.) Bob Ross Painting Instruction
  2. AR Workshop – I’ve been meaning to go to one of these ultimate craft workshops. Countless times beautiful art shows up on my news feed, and countless times I wish I were that crafty. Maybe, with the help of the gals at AR Workshop, just maybe I would be. Knowing me, I’ll have enough trouble choosing just one project from the options! Have you seen how cute they are? They’ve even hosted low-cost workshops with kid-friendly creations like tote bags and wood block signs! I think I’m going to need to get this booked before the end of the year. Any takers? (I’m looking at Gilbertsville. It seems the next closest AR Workshop is in Malvern.)
  3. Terrarium Experience – I keep seeing this DIY terrarium experience popping up in my events feed as well. Or the DIY succulent night. I love gardening (even though my hubby calls me ‘brown thumb.’ Yes, I swatted at him. He completely deserved it.). Anyway, this seems like a great opportunity for a girls’ night out in the Montgomery County area. I’d love to go sometime if anyone’s interested. It looks like Pottstown’s Achin’ Back Garden Center hosts some workshops and Floral & Hardy of Skippack hosts others. I think there might be wine involved??

Girls Night Out Fire Pit

Relaxing Girls Night Ideas

  1. Find a Fire Pit – Did you see that they put in a fire pit at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets? It’s finally unveiled and appears to be open for shoppers’ enjoyment. I really want to check it out, but I feel like it would be more fun with a little vino. Wonder if they’ll have a tiki bar open next door? Although, my favorite local fire pit is the one at the Knight’s Pub at Stokesay Castle in Reading. We got to enjoy it for a good friend’s wedding and have always wanted to go back. (Also, the Lobster Mac N Cheese made me want to go back…) I think I’ve heard they do something for Eagles games, too. Planning to check back on that in the fall. I’m sure there are plenty of other fire pit options in our area, too. Please share in the comments if you know of any. (Of course, I am very partial to the wine-in-the-street fire pit variety as well!) 
  2. Live Music – This item might seem like a cop-out but I assure you it’s not. Can you really dispute the unbridled joy you can experience from live music? As the weather gets nicer, some outdoor venues should be opening up, too, like the Landis Creek Golf Club (formerly Limerick Golf Club). In the past, the golf club’s Creekside Sports Bar & Grille hosted outdoor live music with bouncy houses for the kids. Food, fresh air, a pitcher of Stella, live music, and kids happily occupied with their own fun. Looking forward to going back to these fun Friday or Saturday nights!
  3. Halotherapy – Salt therapy at the Himalayan Salt and Wellness Cave might be the closest feeling we can get to the beach this time of year. The Salt Cave is on my list of places to check out for relaxation and potential health benefits. (I always get that annoying winter cough and I’ve heard salt therapy could be a cure.) I’ve seen the pictures and it certainly looks like relaxation. Much better spent with friends!

Girls Night Cooking

Culinary Girls Night Out Ideas

  1. Fogo de Chao – Who says copious amounts of meat aren’t just as suitable for the gentler sex? I know some mamas who can chow down all the meat. So Fogo de Chao could definitely be a fun girls’ night out in Montco. It’s on my list to take my kids there, as I’ve heard kids under 7 eat free. That’s an awesome deal! We used to go to Rodizio up in Allentown but I guess they recently closed. KOP is nice and close though, so we’ll hope to go to Fogo for lunch or dinner in the very near future.
  2. Melting Pot – Likewise, another memorable dining experience could be just what you need to relax and enjoy an evening out. My best recommendation for Melting Pot is to order the Yin Yang martini if they still serve it. This drink is worth every red cent of its ($16 circa 2010) chocolate and white chocolatey goodness. Of course, there’s also the food. Decadent chocolate dipped desserts, cheese covered accompaniments, and the broth course, from what I remember. It’s been a few years – definitely time to go back! (Alternatively, plan a girls-night-in with a fondue maker and a raclette grill.)
  3. Tiki Bar – We’ve lived here all this time and have yet to make it to the Tiki Bar. We’ve heard about it since we moved to Gilbertsville and somehow just never made it over. Perhaps it’s because my hubby says he would just grill at home if we had to cook our own food?? I don’t know, but the concept seems fun and the tropical vibe is enticing. I think it’s a dining experience worth considering, especially for a girls night out!
  4. Cooking Classes – Learn how to make macarons or countless other delicacies with your friends. Check out King of Prussia’s Sur La Table with its selection of upcoming cooking classes. (I don’t see any wine involved, but that would make a good after-party.) I’ve also found Really Cooking with Robin in East Norriton, The Kitchen Workshop in Paoli, and The Culinary Classroom in Reading. I’ve been known to host my own chocolate-dipped party, stromboli party, or cookie bake, too. Any event with cooking and wine – at home or out – is sure to be a winner.
  5. Movie Tavern – Sometimes you just want to see your friends and be lazy, and that’s okay. We all deserve it. So head over to Movie Tavern (preferably on a Tuesday night when admissions is just $5 and you get a free small popcorn!) with your besties. Enjoy yourself a glass of wine and some appetizers or something more substantial off the menu. Also remember to sign up for their VIP club to make sure you get your free birthday movie ticket!

Girls Night Out Wine Tasting

Beer, Wine & Spirits Themed Girls Night 

  1. Wine-O BINGO – Our crew has yet to make it to this fun time, but it’s on our list. A’Dello Winery often hosts Friday evening events that promise a great time. Enjoy a glass of wine and a chance to win. I think you can usually bring your own food or snacks, as well. (A’Dello is also fabulous for impromptu gatherings with live outdoor music on the weekend!) Alternatively, you could head over to the Gilbertsville Fire Company on Thursdays for some Bingo. If you want something to sip, you might have to pregame. Or better yet, be a member of their little downstairs members-only bar. But, I’m warning you, this is not your grandma’s bingo. You’ll need to sprint for your shots and hustle back to organize your BINGO cards. I went with friends a year or so ago and if you blink you’ll miss it. I had as tough a time keeping up with BINGO as I did with our Bob Ross artist.
  2. Beer Tasting – With Victory and Sly Fox so nearby, it’s a no-brainer activity. Head over to Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown and enjoy a flight. Grab a bite and a beer at Sly Fox or Iron Hill Brewery in Phoenixville. I’ve been to all three and enjoyed them even with my rugby girl / tailgate girl beer tastes. I’m sure those mamas with more refined beer-drinking palates will enjoy them even more. I’ve recently seen that we have even more local breweries along Route 422 and I’d love to check those out, too. Top of my list is The Other Farm, which we visited on a previous girls’ night wine walk in Boyertown. Sadly, haven’t made it in for a meal and a beer. However, you can travel right across 422 and enjoy some suds at stops along the way. Look into Pottstown United Brewing Co., Hidden River Brewing Company, Stickman Brews, Rebel Hill Brewing Company, Stable 12 Brewing Company, Tuned Up Brewing Company, Root Down Brewing Company, and so many more than I can’t even mention. That’s going to need to be its own post – stay tuned!!
  3. Wine Tasting – Not to be outdone, a little wine tasting may be what the doctor ordered. Just check the hours because a lot of local vineyards seem to be most active during the weekend. Black Walnut Winery Tasting Room and Wine Bar may be one fun option in Phoenixville. Depending on how far you’re willing to drive, Folino Estate up in Kutztown seems to have some evening hours. And, you won’t be disappointed with a planned or spontaneous trip out to Long Trout Winery in Auburn. It’s far but oh-so worth it. No matter what you think of the wines, you won’t ever forget this place. (It was our fifth stop on a day-long wine tour and no, the onion wine my friend made me drink was not a hallucination. Of course, we came home with bottles of nectarine wine, pear wine, and other interesting concoctions you wouldn’t find elsewhere. I think I’d like to go back to Long Trout when we’re sober. So there may be a reverse wine tour in our future.)
  4. Girls Night Out KaraokeFancy Food, Drinks, & Try Your Luck – Get dolled up and hit the slots or play some craps. That was actually one of the most fun things we did last year… using fake money playing craps at a New Year’s Eve celebration at Gatsby’s. Even if you don’t gamble, you can enjoy delicious dining, drinks, and time with friends someplace like the Valley Forge Casino. Oh, and did I mention, the entertainment lineup mentions dueling pianos, comedy, live performers and DJs, karaoke, and more.
  5. Korean Karaoke* – How could I make a list like this and not include Korean Karaoke at Rodeo? Not gonna happen. *Sure, you DO have to drive outside of the usual 422 Deals coverage area. *Sure, you may not speak a lick of Korean. But, as I’ve said, if something is worth it, I’ll always share it no matter where it’s located. I promise you a memorable time. I promise you’ll want to go back. And, I promise you may want to lay off the Soju after you’ve swallowed down some liquid courage. Just a hunch…

These are my favorite girls night out ideas in our area. I challenge you to plan a girls night out or a couples night out at least once per month for the course of the year. You and your besties definitely deserve it! (By the way, you might also enjoy some of the indoor suggestions listed on the Indoor Mother’s Day Activities post, too.)

What other girls’ night ideas are on your bucket list? Share in our comments below or on Facebook so we can all share the wealth of our local area.

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