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Urban Air Royersford Replay + Tips, Coupons / Deals, and More

Two young gymnasts couldn’t be more excited to have Urban Air Royersford finally OPEN! We marked our calendars and waited excitedly for the Urban Air Royersford Grand Opening back in March. Rolling up just before 9:30 a.m., we hoped to be within the first 200 people through the doors. Urban Air Jump Passes for the next 52 weeks were at stake!

The team at Urban Air Royersford really know how to throw a Grand Opening party. A DJ spun tunes and employees handed out donuts to excited first-time customers who were waiting in line. My little girls sat in camp chairs or danced around waiting for the doors to open. Once they did, we loved finding out we made the cut and would have Urban Air jump passes for the next year! The passes allowed the girls to come back once per week for the trampolines. We could also pay the difference to upgrade the pass to include the rest of the attractions!

Urban Air Trampoline Park proved to be worth the wait! Here’s what our family thought about the experience…

Urban Air Trampoline Fun

The trampolines at Urban Air were a lot of fun and definitely tired out the kids. The open APEX trampolines jumping area provides plenty of room for kids of all ages to bounce and try tricks. We didn’t really understand the wall-style trampolines, but watched a few videos and now it makes more sense.

Urban Air Jump

Some of the other Urban Air trampoline attractions include:

  • APEX trampolines – This open format setting features foam padding that sections off the boxes. A smaller kids under 7 area ensures even little ones have a fun place to play.
  • Slam Dunk Zone – Two mini trampoline basketball courts make it fun for all ages to up the ante with a little 1v1. Adjust the height of the hoop so you can work on your slam dunks.
  • Dodgeball – Can you dodge, duck, dip, dive, and… dodge? The dodgeball court tends to be a hit with heated challenges and casual game play alike.
  • Wipeout – I can’t see or hear that word without thinking of the Beach Boys. Anyway, the Wipeout game swings around a padded bar. Players must jump over it, duck under it, or downright lie flat on the ground to avoid it. Competitive and fun, the Wipeout is a great activity to try with a sibling, friend, or a group.
  • Runway / Tumble Track – Gymnasts will feel right at home here. The Tumble Track is the perfect place to work on flips, front or back handsprings, round-offs, or whatever flips your hips. 
  • DropZone – For even more tricked out fun, hit up the DropZone. Jumpers can do flips off trampolines onto an inflated airbag. Like flipping into the pit at gymnastics, this attraction gives you a runway for your creativity. 
  • ProZone Performance Trampolines – Defy gravity and jump to your highest heights on these super bouncy trampolines. Skilled jumpers and gymnasts can try tricks within their abilities.

Urban Air Royersford Warrior Course

Urban Air Warrior Course

My older daughter loves American Ninja Warrior. She couldn’t wait to go to the “kid ninja warrior place,” aka: Urban Air Royersford. The Warrior Course includes four different tracks, each at their own difficulty level – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Warrior. The exit side of the course showed timers running to track your time, which is really cool. I didn’t notice anyone starting or stopping the timers, though, so some of them ran very long. If set up properly, this would be a really neat feature for guests who want to compete against their friends or family. 

The Warrior Course contains countless white ball pit balls that fill three feet of space. For this reason, kids must be at least 41″ to do the “kids’ ninja warrior course” at Urban Air. My youngest was devastated she couldn’t go in. She kept trying to stick her feet into the balls as if she were sitting on the edge of a pool dipping her toes in. 

Ready the battering ram! Next to the Warrior Course is the Battle Beam, which proved to be a blast for my oldest and her friend. They battled each other with padded jousting bars. The little one just wanted to walk across it like it was a balance beam. To each her own!

Kid Ninja Warrior Course

Urban Air Royersford Ultimate Attractions

My kids are only 6 and 3, so we didn’t bother with the ropes course or the Sky Rider. We thought about the rock climbing wall on the first visit, but didn’t end up trying it. Bigger kids seem to have a blast doing the overhead attractions at Urban Air Royersford. It’s only a matter of time until my half-pints will be ready to soar, I’m sure. That being said, right now the regular Urban Air jump pass is perfect for us. On special days when we go with friends, it’s a lot of fun to upgrade the pass to a Deluxe for just $5 per child! The Ultimate pass is probably perfect for your more adventurous children and those who don’t mind heights.

Urban Air Ropes Course

The Sky Rider Coaster is really fun to watch! It looks like riders can control how wild their ride ends up being. There’s a twisty slide at the end, which we heard was for the exit to the ropes course. We also heard it was okay for little ones to ride the twisty slide, too, so that luckily saved a brewing meltdown with a sassy little threenager.

Our friend’s daughter (7) tried the ropes course. Her tether kept getting stuck but luckily the person behind her helped her get through it. She also did the climbing walls and fought her way to the top of the glass climbing wall. Very cool!

Urban Air Attractions for Toddlers

Urban Air Toddler

My three-year-old has been in gymnastics since she was about two. Some of the Urban Air attractions are definitely too advanced for her. However, she did ALMOST everything she wanted to do. (Please just don’t bring up the “ball pit.” (X@!$^#@*&!!) I found pretty much all of the basic and more advanced trampolines to be fine for her. The dodgeball court may be a little too rough, depending on the crowd in there, but no real problems for us. 

The top toddler-friendly attractions at Urban Air Royersford seemed to be:

  • Tubes Indoor Playground – My little one had no problem navigating the playground climbers to get to the slide. She got in and out just fine, despite my worry that she would climb too high and get stuck someplace. 
  • Climbing Hill – Maybe it’s the sheer steepness of it that keeps them coming back? I don’t know. My kids love the climbing hill, trying to get up it, and either sliding down the actual slide if they make it, or sliding down the edges trying. There’s a rope and also blue rock wall style handles they can use to help them reach the top. Also, I’m pretty sure the metal slide needs every inch of that padding, the way I’ve seen kids come flying down!
  • Trampolines – Pretty much any of the trampolines at Urban Air seemed to be fine for my little one. The only problem we had was when a much bigger girl bounced in the same square as my youngest on opening day, and my little one went flying. She landed kind of on her neck and shoulder, but luckily was fine. I think the attendant maybe could have said something, but it wasn’t too big a deal. The girl kept trying to bounce in the same square as my daughter again, but I kept her closer to me and everything worked out. My three-year-old absolutely adores the Tumble Track and we are still working intensively to get her to remember to take turns.  
  • Wipeout – It may not look like it’s for toddlers, but I assure you this attraction was harmless and hilarious. Well worth the fun!

Battle Beam Balance Urban Air

Tips for Visiting Urban Air Royersford

You can totally wing it and just head over to Urban Air trampoline park for a day of fun. In case you like planning or knowing more what to expect, here are a few tips to get the most out of your Urban Air experience:

Before You Go:

  • Understand the different levels of play. The Basic package gets you on the Urban Air trampoline attractions. For some kids and kids at heart, this is more than enough fun for your visit. The Deluxe package includes the trampolines, the warrior course, tubes indoor playground, climbing hill, wipeout, and the battle beam. The Ultimate package at Urban Air Royersford includes all of this plus the Sky Rider Coaster, Ropes Course, and the Climbing Wall (rock wall). Your children may or may not want to do them all, so discuss it first.
  • Be aware of height requirements. Some attractions require children to be above or below a certain height. Keep this in mind so you can set expectations and avoid meltdowns. My three-year-old was devastated she couldn’t “play in the ball pit” aka: warrior course. Sorry babes, the guy running it didn’t want you to “Drown” as he said and I don’t blame him!
  • Stay tuned to the Urban Air Facebook page. I’ve seen quite a few promotions and important announcements that way. Totally wish I’d seen they were giving away birthday parties to 20 kids during the weekend of the grand opening. This place seriously knows how to party!

Once You’re There:

  • Buy your Urban Air Socks! You can’t jump or play without them. These socks feature fun colors and they’re only $2.50. I did find the sizing to be kind of odd. (a little big) Out of myself and my two daughters, I think only the three-year-old’s socks actually fit right. But you’re having so much fun you don’t really notice. And, it’s usually better to have them larger anyway, so kids can keep growing into them. Once you buy the socks, don’t lose them. Also, air dry them if you’re worried the sizing might change in the dryer.
  • Upgrade your Urban Air jump pass. If you’re one of the lucky ones who scored a free jump pass at the Grand Opening, remember the full value. You can upgrade to the Deluxe package (which is regularly $24.99) by simply paying $5 more per child. Likewise, you can upgrade to the Ultimate package for just $10 per child. Make sure you look at the differences so you only pay for what you need. 
  • Get a parent wristband for $6.99 if needed. When bringing tots age 5 and under, you might find your kiddos need some help. Check in with the front desk staff to get socks and a parent wristband at a very reasonable, low price.

Urban Air Royersford Coupons and Deals

The response to Urban Air so far seems to be one of excitement by guests hungry for more. After only about a month since its opening, Urban Air Royersford began offering Endless Membership monthly passes. This  might be the closest thing you can get to a coupon. It’s a pretty great deal, considering at the base level pass, you can score visits to jump at Urban Air all month long for as little as $7.99 per month. The cost to get in for one no-strings-attached jump session is $19.99, so going just once per month already saves you money. 

You can also enjoy the deluxe level pass at $12.49 per month or the ultimate level pass at $15.49 per month. Tax and transaction fees are additional. The first two passes come with 10% off Urban Air merchandise and the ultimate monthly pass comes with 15% off. The catch seems to be that you must sign on for a full year without the option to cancel until after the 12th payment. It’s a shame there isn’t a summer pass or similar option for the school-aged kids, but this Urban Air Royersford deal is still pretty sweet!

There’s also a $44.99 Activate Awesome pass, which apparently comes with a free birthday party at a table with complete access. That pass also comes with 25% off merch and has a value of $2,300. Stipulations apply, such as you must  be a member for at least 30 days to use it toward a party, and you can’t apply it to an already-booked event.

Urban Air Royersford Coupons

Urban Air is also letting moms (or a parent) jump free for Mother’s Day! So we can hopefully anticipate the same kind of offer in another month for Father’s Day. I’ve seen lots of promotions, contests, and more popping up on their Facebook page. I’d recommend keeping tabs on that as well, to see if you can score other Urban Air Royersford coupons, freebies, or deals.

If you liked our review of Urban Air Royersford and the tips we’ve shared, there’s more where that came from. Like us on Facebook to stay on top of all the deals and fun we find.

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