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Ott’s Exotic Plants: Greenhouse Surprises for All Ages

If you’ve driven by Ott’s Exotic Plants dozens of times and haven’t stopped yet, you are missing out. In the world of southeastern PA plants, this place is one of the greatest we’ve found. I’ve wanted to take my daughters to Ott’s nursery for quite some time. From the rural road, the Ott’s Greenhouse stands out vibrantly full of life. And that’s before you even step inside. Schwenksville’s roadside gem offers adventures untold for plant lovers, nature lovers, and wide-eyed children alike. Here’s a snapshot of what we found inside.

We took an early May visit to check out the Ott’s nursery. My mom, my sister, and my three-year-old decided to turn right at the last second as we approached the intersection at Ott Road / Plank Road and Route 29. For years I’ve hoped to take my oldest daughter “one day” to see Ott’s exotic flowers. Somehow it just never happened. The Ott’s Greenhouse buildings are stunning and the perennial flowers on the hillside are jaw-dropping. (Even more so up close!) Somehow, though, we always thought of going when we were driving past, on our way to someplace else. Until this day.

Otts Greenhouse Schwenksville PA

What’s Inside Ott’s Greenhouse

Luckily for us, when we went on a Monday, the place was practically empty. We saw thousands of flowers and plants in every direction. My daughter happily took in every inch of the vast indoor botany experience. Spoiler Alert: Not long after you enter, there’s a dazzling surprise. We were taken aback by the tremendous beauty of an indoor waterfall with an overtop viewing perspective. In the rustling waters below, you could see lots of koi fish swimming. The jungle-like setting was so serene that my daughter didn’t want to leave.

Ott's Plants Waterfall inside Greenhouse

Ott's Flowers


We traipsed through room after room of exotic plants, blissful blossoms, and trees, ornamentals, annuals, perennials, and just about anything you could imagine. Ott’s flowers and plants were far beyond our wildest dreams. In particular, the succulents stood out with exotic beauty at a reasonable price. Had we been prepared with a succulent planter or several succulent pots, I think we would have come home with some succulents.

Besides the succulents, we saw lots of cacti and fruit trees—citrus of particular note, like orange trees, kumquat, grapefruit, lemon and more. This is one of my favorite parts of Ott’s Exotic Plants. Next, inside a special cold room, we saw the stash of stunning Easter flowers. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and lilies painted a brilliant display of color. At the time of this writing, the Easter perennials were being offered at 50% off flower clearance. I’d love to add a splash of color to my front garden beds, but would love to see if they get marked down to 75% off.

My little bear found some purple flowers (Spike Dracena) that she told me were “so glamorous!” We saw annuals, perennials, exotics, and so much more. The begonias looked enormous and well-nourished. I adored the hibiscus and couldn’t pull myself away from them. The ferns and foliage added a healthy burst of green amid vibrant colors of every part of the rainbow. We found gerbera daisies, amaryllis, lovely bromeliads, and so many fragrant and fancy flowers.

Ott's Flowers - Mountain Hillside

What’s Outside: Ott’s Nursery

After what felt like miles of flowers inside, the fun continues outside the Ott’s greenhouse. We finally made it through the room with the register and saw seed packets, planters, and all kinds of gardening accessories and supplies. Just outside the doors, you come to the beautiful mountain of flowers. What you may not know by your view from the road is that the flower-covered mountain sports a stone tunnel right through its center. This feature delighted my daughter, who loved exploring her way right to the other side.

From the other side, we could see more greenhouses and rural land. In the distance we saw how vast the Ott’s nursey grounds actually are. The other greenhouse seemed as though it was not part of the self-guided tour of Ott’s garden center. We made our way back through the tunnel for a few more pictures at Otts Exotic Plants before heading home.

All in all, I wish I’d come here sooner with my daughters. Ott’s Exotic Plants would make a fantastic stop when you’re shopping for a Mother’s Day present, birthday gift, or even a nice housewarming gift for someone. I plan to come back soon when I have my older daughter with me as I know she’ll love the waterfall enough to make it worth the drive.

Ott's garden center

Ott’s plants inside and out were absolutely beautiful! The colors, shapes, sizes, and prices varied widely. So, you certainly could find something for every budget! If you haven’t been to Ott’s nursery yet, I highly recommend making a stop here. It’s free except for whatever you might purchase. This is a great indoor activity, especially if it’s raining again or the weather isn’t cooperating. You can visit the Ott’s greenhouse with your little ones in tow for a family-friendly experience. Or, you can visit whenever you’re in a planting mood to find some brilliant blossoms to add to your own gardens and landscape.


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