Escape Room Locations in King of Prussia, Pottstown, Trappe and Beyond

Escape Room 101: Tips, Escape Room Coupons, and Themes

Can you escape the room before the clock runs out? Imagine being stuck in a room with some of your closest friends as you try to solve puzzles and break out in time. This ‘How to: Escape Room’ Guide will give you the rundown on what to expect as far as escape room cost, time, and puzzle solving. Even if you’re a total escape room noob, you can score a deal, get out in time, and create fun memories with your friends or family.

What Is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a popular group game where you have to escape from a room. Work together as a team to find clues, connect the dots, solve the puzzles, and escape the room. You and your group get locked into a room that unlocks once you’ve solved all the puzzles. A timer counts down from one hour, typically, giving you limited time to work through all the mystery activities and puzzles. The room escape challenge adds a sense of urgency while you work as a team to break free from the room.

How to Solve Escape Room Puzzles

Knowing how to do escape rooms is the first part of the battle. Your first time trying to escape is a unique, almost “out of mind” experience. You may not know what to expect, and that is at least half the fun. I don’t want to spoil the experience for you, but if you’re searching for how to solve escape room puzzles, my suspicion is you at least want a little taste of what it’s actually like.

Your experience may vary, depending on where you go. When you attempt to solve escape the room, commonly, you may find:

  • Puzzles
  • Codes
  • Locks
  • Games
  • And more…
  • You may need to move and examine objects.
  • You may create leverage or other influence in some way.

Use your mind, your hands, your eyes (and sometimes your ears) to discover clues and share them with your friends. Leave no stone unturned. Work together as a team and communicate your findings to ultimately solve the puzzles and escape the room.

How Long Is the Escape Room?

The escape room times vary depending on the cumulative puzzle skills of your group. You can escape the room in a matter of minutes, or you may not escape at all. Most games give you exactly 60 minutes (1 hour) to escape. Kids escape rooms may be on a shorter timeline, perhaps 30 minutes or so. Check with your intended location to determine the maximum time commitment for planning and babysitter purposes. Hour escape rooms can be a great, low time commitment, high-impact activity choice for date night, girls’ night out, guys’ night out, a family excursion, or even escape team building.

Are You Really Locked in Escape Room Locations?

The short answer is, it depends. Escape rooms operate under the premise that you can’t get out unless you solve the puzzles, but that’s not entirely the case. In some locations, like Escape Trappe or Elite Escape Room in Exton, the door is not actually locked but the fun and urgency remain to beat the clock and get out. For players’ safety, the game must not put guests in harm’s way.

In many cases, you will find an emergency exit button in the escape rooms. If this button is not there, the escape room may have a sophisticated safety protocol in place with a truly locked door. Some locations have no lock at all. If you are worried about being locked in for real, simply speak with your game host or call ahead to address your concerns. You can then make a judgment call as far as whether joining in the room escape games is the right choice for you.

Girls Night Out Escape Room

Escape Room Themes

So many unique escape challenge ideas exist, from playful to absolutely petrifying. Browse by theme to find the best room escape games for your group. Some of the local themes include:

  • Pirates: Captured! – Escape from your pirate ship prison cell and navigate the games on the ship to escape the room. The ship escape games are really fun and I hope a new one comes to our area. We LOVED this escape game challenge and found some of the puzzles to be more inventive than we’d seen before this. (Captured in Coventry)
  • The Billionaire’s Den – Solve puzzles and play games according to your dead uncle’s master plan to ‘win his billions’ and escape the room. This was my first time doing an escape and I don’t feel that I was a very big contributor. I learned a lot watching and listening to friends, found a few small clues, and got my bearings in the puzzle room escape
  • Escape: Wonderland – Save the Hatter from the Queen before it’s too late! (Captured in Coventry)
  • The Outbreak – Recommended as a first-time escape challenge, this one has you working to beat the clock as you stop an infectious virus outbreak. (Escape Trappe)
  • File X – Giving a nod to Area 51, this escape theme holds close some of the nation’s deepest, darkest secrets following a “covert operation” to move the secret objects to this base. (Escape Trappe)
  • Spellcaster – As Wizards in Training, you must find and return the sacred crystal to its owner to restore balance to the world before the sorcerer destroys the sun. (Escape Trappe)
  • Escape the Lab – The original game from their Kutztown location features three rooms and many puzzles with a special twist. (Mind Warp Escapes, Limerick)
  • Escape from Oz – You’re not in Kansas anymore! Follow the clues and the Yellow Brick Road and then get the keys to escape. (Elite Escape, Exton)
  • Andy’s Room – Find your toys before your parents drag you off in the car on vacation for a totally boring nightmare without them. (Elite Escape, Exton)
  • The Magician’s Assistant – Get all of the magician’s tricks ready to go before the curtains open. (Elite Escape, Exton)
  • Revolution Spies – As true patriots, you must discover where the next British attack will occur and transmit the information to the Colonials. (Escape Room Mystery KOP)
  • The Laboratory – You work for a mad scientist and your life may be at stake! (Escape Room Mystery KOP)
  • The Egyptian Tomb – You discover you are locked in an Egyptian tomb and must solve the puzzles to escape in time. (Escape Room Mystery KOP)
  • Aunt Edna’s Condo – Find your inheritance amid the tricks and traps of your Aunt Edna’s condo. (Expedition Escape KOP)
  • Vacation Vandals – Find your missing tickets amid complete disarray. Hopefully it’s still possible to get to the airport. (Key Quest, Wyomissing, PA)
  • The Detention – You can prove that you’ve been listening in class by solving puzzles to get out of the diner early. (Key Quest, Wyomissing, PA)
  • Diamond Heist – This easy escape room has you on the hunt for a stolen diamond that you must return to its rightful owner. (International Quest, Warminster, PA)
  • Tesla’s Mystery – Navigate the laboratory of Nikola Tesla and his dreams of wireless electro transmission. (International Quest, Warminster, PA)
  • Secrets of the Abandoned Circus – Dig into the mystery of the abandoned circus amid complete disarray with an edgy vibe of survival. (International Quest, Warminster, PA)
  • Biker’s Revenge Enjoy a little Sons of Anarchy action as you assume the role of a member of a motorcycle club narc. Get the evidence and get the heck out of dodge. (Encrypted Escape Room, West Reading, PA)
  • Horror Escape Games – Add a scary twist to your escape fun with horror escape games. These eerie and even chilling games are not for the faint of heart.
    • The Butcher – As FBI agents, investigate the crime scene and track down the motive and the killer’s identity in the unsolved murders before time runs out and you become the next victims. (Captured in Coventry)
    • The Cellar – Escape the chilling grasp of the Cellar, where a psychopathic killer is plotting to make you his next victim. (Key Quest Escape Room)
    • Bates Motel Escape Rooms – Add a terrifying twist to your escape experience with rooms like Bates Manor, The Tomb, 60 Minutes to Save the World Countdown, and Serial Killer escape themes. (Bates Motel Escape Rooms, West Chester, PA)

These are just a few fun escape room options. You can even take part in the One Exit Mobile Escape Room that rolls up to your location from its home base in Wayne, PA. Houdini’s Challenge offers entertaining game play with just one exit in a luxurious climate-controlled vehicle. This business also sets up the Immunity Quest tent with a fun jungle theme, suitable for 6 to 8 players. The company also advertises corporate and special occasion events that can be customized to your needs.

Be prepared to rise to the challenge of new room escape games as more escape room locations open and existing ones introduce fresh rooms and puzzles.

Escape Room Challenge

Escape Room Near Me + Deals

When searching for an “escape room near me” in Montgomery County, Berks, and beyond, you may be surprised at how many options you have within a reasonable drive.

  • Captured in Coventry
  • Escape Room Mystery
    • Location: King of Prussia, PA
    • Age: Any ages are welcome, but rooms are not baby-proof.
    • Room Capacity: 8-10
    • Specials: Private room rental $196 for up to 8 people, or Billionaire’s Den for $252. They did a free Shutterfly $25 e-gift card with $20 purchase in May for Mother’s Day.
    • Link:
  • Encrypted Escape Room
    • Location: West Reading, PA
    • Age: Age 6-12 with a parent present, although it may be challenging for kids under 12. (You must book the entire room with kids.)
    • Room Capacity: 10
    • Specials: Group discounts for 20+ players.
    • Link:
  • Amazing Escape Room
  • Escape Trappe
    • Location: Trappe, PA
    • Age: Anyone can play! Children under 5 are free, but you must book the entire room for a private experience with babies and toddlers.
    • Room Capacity: 10
    • Specials: They recently ran a Facebook discount code of “MOM” for 15% off. We can hope they’ll celebrate DAD as well… (Also saw a former deal posted on Twitter, so watch both.)
    • Link:
  • Mindwarp Escapes
    • Location: Limerick, PA
    • Age: Age 7 – 11 for kids
    • Room Capacity: 12
    • Specials: Use code “mom” for 10% off all month. (Not valid on kids’ escape games.)
    • Link:
  • Elite Escape Rooms
    • Location: Exton, PA
    • Age: Any groups under age 18 must be with an adult.
    • Room Capacity: 10
    • Specials: Elite Escapes previously offered 20% off for Easter, so stay tuned around the holidays to see if more deals become available.
    • Link:
  • Expedition Escape
    • Location: King of Prussia, PA
    • Age: “Family-friendly;” Age 3 and under free in private rooms. Any groups under age 18 must be with an adult.
    • Room Capacity: 2-10
    • Specials: No Groupon However, be sure to tag yourself in their Facebook photo of your group for a chance to win a free private room for 4 valued at $108 in the Tag N Brag contest. One winner each month!
    • Link:
  • Expedition Escape
    • Location: Montgomeryville, PA
    • Age: “Family-friendly;” Age 3 and under free in private rooms. Any groups under age 18 must be with an adult.
    • Room Capacity: 2-10
    • Specials: Be sure to tag yourself in their Facebook photo of your group for a chance to win a free private room for 4 valued at $108 in the Tag N Brag contest. One winner each month!
    • Link:
  • Key Quest
  • International Quests Escape Games
    • Location: Warminster, PA
    • Age: Recommended for 12+ but other ages will be allowed. Kids 14 and under need an adult with them.
    • Room Capacity: 2 – 14+
    • Specials: Check the website – currently it shows a deal offered through December 26, but it doesn’t make complete sense. The deal appears to be good for Tesla’s Mystery or Secrets of the Abandoned Circus. There was also a recent deal for Mother’s Day for 25% off with code MOM. Hopefully there will be a Father’s Day deal, too.
    • Link:
  • Escape the Room West Chester
    • Location: West Chester, PA
    • Age: Like movies, the rooms are PG-13. Kids under 14 need to be with an adult.
    • Room Capacity: 10
    • Specials:
    • Link:
  • Escape West Chester
    • Location: West Chester, PA
    • Age: Family-friendly options available. Kids age 7 and up can participate. Those under 12 need to be in a private room booking.
    • Room Capacity: 10
    • Specials: I’ve seen a Groupon with an additional discount on top of the Groupon price. Definitely have to check this one out!
    • Link:
  • Bates Motel Escape Rooms
    • Location: West Chester, PA
    • Age: Age 8-17 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Room Capacity: 10, Minimum of 4 players to secure a time slot.
    • Specials: Follow them on Facebook as they seem to post deals quite often, such as “Get 25% off tickets to all 4 of our escape rooms using promo code Mayescape!” This venue is listed on Groupon, but a deal is not available at the time of this posting.
    • Link:

In addition, you will find lots of opportunities in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, and beyond. Another fun idea is to schedule an escape experience with your family or friends when you travel. It’s a great rainy-day activity to enjoy with an active mind.

Solve the Escape Room

Escape Room Cost Savings and Price

The escape room price breaks down according to the overall cost of the room divided by the number of people you have in the room. Depending on where you live, your escape rooms may cost more or less than the average. With a little creative planning, you can sometimes bring your escape room cost down considerably for your group. It’s possible to find cheap escape rooms with a little advanced notice and deal hunting prowess!

Escape Room Costs:

These are just a few of the local escape prices in Berks County, Montgomery County, and beyond.

  • Captured in Coventry: $25 per person
  • Elite Escape – $25 per person; Rooms guaranteed private with 2+ bookings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Escape Trappe: $28 per person
  • Mind Warp Escapes: $25 per person; $13 for kids; Book Entire Room: $200 (adults)
  • Escape Room Mystery KOP: $28 per person + 10% entertainment tax
  • Expedition Escape KOP / Montgomeryville: $108 for 4 people minimum (all rooms are private); $27 for each additional person over 4
  • Key Quest, Wyomissing, PA – $15 per person
  • Encrypted Escape Room, West Reading, PA – $25.50 per person

Here are some ways you might save money on your next escape challenge:

  • Groupon Escape Room Deals – Groupon deals can significantly lower the escape room costs for your entire group.
  • Living Social Deals – You might be able to find local experiences or even rooms when you’re traveling on vacation. I see Escape Cape May as a great option for when we go down the shore this summer.
  • Loyalty Offers – Sometimes the game master or host will offer a code to come back at a discount of 10% or similar.
  • Follow on Social Media – Watch your favorite locations on social media for flash sales and promotions. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also follow local pages on Facebook like 422 Deals for savings on escape rooms and beyond.
  • Watch their Websites – Check for Escape Room Promotions at the locations you wish to visit for your escape room experience. Some room escape games may be cheaper on certain days of the week or for other reasons.
  • Participate in Contests – You may be able to win a free admission or free private event, depending on current promotions.

Escape Games

We recently scored a Groupon escape deal for 8 people, added on 2 other friends, and ended up with our room at $199 total split 10 ways for $19.90 per person said and done. For previous escape rooms, we paid $25 or $30 per person on average, so this was an awesome deal!

Escape Games for Kids

Kids also love ‘Can You Escape’ games! With a quick search, you can usually find easy escape games for beginners or more specifically, for children. The eligible escape room age ranges may vary by location, but I’ve heard kids age 7 and up would be welcome with parents in some locations. Kids’ escape rooms also exist, where you can pay to throw your kids in a room with their friends and see if they can get out. Escape games for kids can be a fantastic way to get your kids off their screens and fully engaged and invested in a unique activity together.

Escape Trappe is a kid-friendly escape venue. The games are not scary and all ages are welcome. Under age 5 is free at Escape Trappe, and rooms with babies or toddlers must be booked privately as an entire room.  

Mind Warp Escapes offers 30-minute kids’ escape games every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., every hour on the hour. Not sure if these will be very difficult, medium, or easy escape games for kids, but our oldest daughter can’t wait to go.

Escape West Chester has family-friendly escapes with easy escape kid clues and harder clues. Each group decides how to play. I love that they have an escape game called “Philly Philly” with the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions theme. May have to add this to the bucket list!

Escape Room for Kids

Feed Your Escape Room Addiction

Keep going back to try to escape at any different puzzle room venue you can find. Some serious escape enthusiasts actually travel to feed their escape room addictions. If kicking off an escape room road trip isn’t on your list of current goals and objectives, you might be able to satisfy your tinkering skills with a variety of escape gear.

  • Escape Room Board Games – Sharpen your skills with a variety of escape board games available for purchase. You can find game sets with multiple scenarios to suit your needs. There’s even a teacher escape room kit for the classroom.
  • Escape Puzzles at Home – Escape your thirst with a wooden “Don’t break the bottle” Wine brainteaser or wooden beer brainteaser. These are sure to be a hit at your next party.
  • Escape Room Album – Track your great escapes with a photo album celebrating your victories and shaming your losses. Keep track of where you went, whether you escaped, your time, who was in your escape group, and your overall scores or reviews in a classy escape room photo album.
  • Home Escape Games – Continue the fun at home with home escape games, puzzles, and challenges of your own invention. Hire a mobile escape room activity service to come to your own special event or corporate headquarters for an employee teambuilder. 
  • See the Escape Room Movie – Apparently there’s a PG-13 movie out now that came out in January. The Escape Room Movie scored 6.4 out of 10 on IMDB and tells the tale of six strangers who must rely on their wits to survive a mess of deadly mystery rooms while competing for a large monetary prize.

Can you escape the room? So far, we escaped the room every time (all 3 times). With so many options and cheap escape rooms deals here in our area, you’re sure to stay busy trying! Hurry to your nearest escape room to see if you can beat the clock and escape the room.

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