Best Valentine's Gifts for Kids

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for the parents! The kids will enjoy the experience twice as much when you surprise them with a little treat, an excursion, or a special gift. This is one of those wonderful occasions where it’s truly the thought that counts. Something as small and inexpensive as a sheet of stickers could make all the difference in your child’s day. Consider these ideas as some of the best Valentine’s gifts for kids to enjoy.

Before you select a gift, think about the child who will receive it. Do you want a ready-to-go Valentine’s gift for kids or something you can make all by yourself? Don’t forget about the gifts of experience! You can find and make so many unique gifts for kids so they have a happy hearts day at home, school, or on the go. Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

Sometimes the most special gifts are the ones that are handmade. Consider these sweet and fun DIY Valentine’s gifts for kids.

Best Valentine's Gifts for Kids

Make a pencil topper bouquet.

When making DIY valentine’s gifts for kids, you can delight your children with a sweet and useful pencil bouquet. Simply gather up a few different kinds of pencils and a few sets of pencil toppers so you can mix and match for a playful, custom look.

  1. Gather a selection of pencils and pencil toppers.
  2. Put pencil toppers on top of pencils.
  3. Divide pencils with toppers so that each child has the same number in his or her bouquet.
  4. Tie a red or pink ribbon around each set of pencils.
  5. Add a name tag if you wish.

Create a sticker surprise tube.

This DIY Valentine’s Day gift is a fun one for little kids to unwrap. Stickers can be fun for kids of all ages, so have some fun picking out sticker designs your kids or grandkids are going to love.

  1. Gather up a few sheets of stickers and roll them so that they fit inside of a paper towel tube or toilet paper tube.
  2. Place the stickers inside and use the tube as the gift package.
  3. Decorate the outsides of the tube with streamers, more stickers, and other craft supplies to create a beautiful Valentine theme. 

Valentine's presents for kids

Put together a mini Valentine’s baking set.

Boys and girls often enjoy making cookies or other sweet treats with their parents or grandparents. Consider putting together a sweet little baking set for a Valentine’s gift.

  1. Pick out a set of heart cookie cutters and Valentine sprinkles or a heart baking mold or pan to make mini brownies or tiny heart-shaped cupcakes.
  2. Write out some of your favorite recipes in your own handwriting on cute index cards or recipe cards.
  3. Tie everything together with a ribbon or place them all in a gift bag or a small empty box. 

Valentine's Gifts for Daughter

Valentine Gifts for Little Girls

Daughters and granddaughters are usually easy to please when it comes to sweet Valentine’s gifts for little girls. Consider these adorable present ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  • Hair Accessories Bouquets

    Create your own bow-que with a set of hair accessories that look just bow-tiful. You can find adorable Valentine’s Day themed bows, barrettes, and accessories at Sweet & Sassy, Claire’s, and plenty of other local venues. You can also find great hair fashions online at Amazon if you’re pressed for time to do your shopping.


  • Surprise Toys

    Trending collectible toys like LOL Surprise Dolls, Twisty Petz, and Squishmallows can make great Valentine’s gifts for little girls. Any of those blind bag items, squishies, and other popular toys would be a popular choice for a Valentine’s gift for daughter from dad or mom.


  • Craft Kits 

    Girls of all ages can get into the wide array of craft kits available today. Consider the make-your-own bath bombs, DIY lip gloss, and gummy bear kits as a few choices. Friendship bracelet kits, beading sets, and kits to learn how to knit or crochet can also light a spark of creativity. Truly, any craft kits can be a great fit for sweet girls who wanna show off their crafty sides.

Valentine Gifts for Little Boys

Boys will also be delighted to receive some extra attention and a special gift this time of year. Consider these Valentine Gifts for little boys.Valentine's gifts for boys

  • Slime Kits

    Slime continues to be all the rage with kids today, so a new slime kit or mix-ins would be a homerun Valentine gift for your little guy (truthfully, or girl!). Look for glow-in-the-dark slime accessories, glue or glitter glue in his favorite colors, or another unique spin on crafty DIY stuff for boys.

  • Nerf Guns

    Who are we kidding? Even your husband would love a NERF gun for Valentine’s Day this year! Pick out NERF toys like foam dart guns, bows, and other exciting battle gear for your guys.

  • LEGOs

    Popular for boys and girls of all ages across the board, LEGO sets work out great as a show of love for your Valentine’s gift for son or whole family to enjoy.

Valentine’s Gifts for Grandchildren, Sons, and Daughters at Dollar Tree

Forever known as one of the best places to get a deal for only a buck, Dollar Tree offers lots of fun V-Day gift ideas for kids. Grandparents and parents can score some sweet deals here for a memorable Valentine’s Day for their little loves.

Here are a few of the best Valentine’s presents for kids at Dollar Tree:

  • Balloons!

    If you’re on the hunt for Valentine’s gifts for grandchildren or your own kids, enjoy the Valentine’s Day selection of mini balloons on sticks that kids of all ages are sure to love. A granddaughter or grandson is sure to love a mini balloon just as much as a bag of candy, and truthfully, probably even more. Also check out the mylar balloons for an equally impressive gesture.

  • Cute Gardening Kits

    Put together your own gardening set with a little planter, some potting soil, and a few packets of seeds. Check out other gardening accessories for a more extensive gardening kit.

  • Treat Bags

    For families with quite a few kids, a heart-themed goodie bag could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for grandchildren as well as sons and daughters. Fill the bag with candy, erasers, pencils, stickers, and more.

  • Themed gift baskets

    Find a cute stuffed animal and build a theme around it. A stuffed animal, socks, and lotion make a great Valentine’s gift for little girls while a stuffed animal and a bottle of bath paint make a great Valentine’s gift for little boys or girls.

When thinking about valentine gifts for my daughter, who is seven, and my youngest daughter, who is four, I feel like a gift of experience is another lovely option. Sometimes we do something special like a little girls’ spa day at the local Sweet & Sassy boutique where they can get their hair, nails, and makeup done along with fun antics on the fashion runway. I also love the idea of a cooking class or one of the many DIY valentine’s gifts for kids like a beading workshop, pottery session, or other meaningful activity.

The best Valentine’s gifts for kids can be as simple as a glow stick wand you pick up at the dollar store or as elaborate as a special gift you made yourself by hand.

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