Free Rita's First Day of Spring 2020 and Other Freebies

First Day of Spring 2020: Free Rita’s, Ice Cream, and More

If you don’t immediately think of March 19, 2o, or 21 as Rita’s free ice day, your annual springtime social calendar might be lacking. (Unless, of course, one of these is your birthday, at which point I’m dragging you around to celebrate, with all of the below treats. 🙂 ) Now I’m not saying you NEED a friend or five to accompany you for your free ice, but… it’s definitely more fun standing in a (typically) long line that way. 🙂 And adventuring from place to place, because, let’s face it, we’re all about the free treats. (Also, tip for the moms: it’s even better with your kids catching up with their pals while you catch up with yours.)

It’s amazing that spring is on the way and we’re all looking forward to our free Rita’s. But wait, there’s more… I’ve pulled together this list of First Day of Spring 2020 freebies to check out! And, this year’s 1st Day of Spring is on a Friday, which makes it even more amazing for a sweet treat road trip. Mark your calendars…

So, we’ve obviously got to start this list with the true icon of the first day of spring—Rita’s. AFAIK, they first created the buzz around this holiday with their Rita’s First Day of Spring promotion more than 20 years ago. Now that’s customer service!

Free Rita’s First Day of Spring Promotion

Plan your day around your Rita’s free ice – not joking. Whether you go on your lunch break, after work, with the kids after school, or as an after-dinner treat, for the love of all things sweet, whatever you do, don’t forget your Rita’s free water ice (March 19)! Free Rita’s Day comes once a year, but it’s too sweet to miss.

Free Rita's First Day of Spring Free Ice

As you get ready to enjoy your first taste of spring, here are some things to remember:

Thank you, Rita’s, for helping us to celebrate the start of spring memorably year after year. <3

1st Day of Spring: Free Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone

If you enjoy the hunt for freebies, you’re in luck! Rita’s ice is just the start of your 1st day of spring freebies. If you’re still craving some sweets after your free Rita’s, you can continue your sugar rush at Dairy Queen in Gilbertsville and the Pottstown Dairy Queen. Score some free DQ in the form of free ice cream, available for sure at these two locations.

Free Dairy Queen - Free DQ ice cream

Some things you should know:

  • Free ice cream is a vanilla cone only. (FYI: Chocolate jimmies in pic above = our personal post-sale enhancement.)
  • Get your free ice cream today, March 19, inside your DQ. Promotion is not available via drive-through.
  • Participation varies by individual DQ stores. Most will likely participate but you never know. Call ahead or check their social media to confirm your local chain’s participation before you venture out.
  • For more information on local free DQ, check out Gilbertsville DQ and Pottstown DQ on Facebook.

Pro Tip: If plain vanilla isn’t your thing, bring your own container of jimmies! (aka: sprinkles, hah)

2019 1st Day of Spring Freebies

Hopefully we’ll see these 1st Day of Spring deals again this year! Last year we got to enjoy a free pizza slice from Amore Pizza & Pasta in Pottstown and it looks like they hosted this special promo in 2018 as well. We’re waiting to hear back on the verdict for free pizza for the first day of spring 2020, or any other promotions. Stay tuned to the Amore Pizza & Pasta Facebook page and this article for updates.

On the first day of spring 2019, we also enjoyed 3 ounces of free Kiwi Yogurt with toppings. Our bill was so cheap and it was really fun to get such a nice discount on a special day of the year. I’ve sent out a request for information regarding 2020 first day of spring promotions and will update this page when I hear back.

If you know of any other great deals or 2020 first day of spring freebies, please share them in our comments below. Happy Spring, everyone!

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