Social Distancing Tips for Fun with Friends

Social Distancing Tips: Play Board Games Online (Free) with Friends!

Plans cancelled because of Coronavirus? Don’t let social distancing rain on your parade. Your fun doesn’t have to stop just because you can’t gather in large groups or enjoy that girls’ night out. In fact, you can still have a wonderful virtual birthday party or gathering of any kind with friends remotely. Simply enjoy using the Zoom conferencing app when you play board games online (free)!

Before the pandemic, playing board games online with your friends or family probably wasn’t much of a priority. Most times, you’d likely get together for a game night, go out to an escape room, or find another social activity to enjoy. Now, though, with social distancing, activities have taken a shift. Playing board games online with friends or family may just be the new normal for a while.

If you’re celebrating a virtual birthday party, an online game night could be the answer to canceled plans. Try these tips to play board games online (free) via video conference with friends you can’t see in person.

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Play Board Games Online on Group Video Conference

If all the friends in your group have a copy of the game, that makes it easy. It certainly broadens your possibilities of what board games you can play virtually. (Playing games online for free is still possible even if you don’t all have a copy of the game.) Here are a few to consider!

  1. Charades

    – Acting out an idea and collecting points can be lots of fun with friends, even online. Split into teams and use an online charades idea generator to make playing virtual charades even easier. If you choose to get your own Charades game, you’ll find a variety of Charades themes and age levels, from the kids game to an adults-only version.

  2. Pictionary

    – Use a screen share program or position your device to capture your drawing board. Take turns from one household to the next and use a word generator to help play board games online with friends on video conference. The original Pictionary game can be great fun with your family at home or with friends on video conference.

  3. Scattergories

    – Playing Scattergories online with friends can be a blast. Use a random letter generator or an actual Scattergories letter and category generator to see which letter and categories you will get. Alternatively, you can use the Scattergories Online site where you can create a game and invite your friends to join your game with a link. However, the best option might actually be buying the Scattergories game for yourself and texting out photos of the game cards to a text thread of all your friends at virtual board game night.

  4. Encore

    – This fun singing game makes a great turn-taking virtual experience with friends. The short way to play is to go back and forth between teams, singing a line of a song that has a certain word in it. For example, the word “girl” appears in Material Girl by Madonna, Just a Girl by No Doubt, and so forth, so each team gets to sing a line of a song with girl, and the winner of that round is the team that can think of one more after the other team is stumped. You can also buy the actual Encore game to play by the true rules.

Of course, there’s always traditional video games, too. If you like gaming, you can get wired in with your pals where you can chat and shoot things (or whatever it is you do). Personally, I’ll stick to the fun word games and other crowd pleasers. 🙂

Virtual Drinking Games

Understanding that this may not be for everyone, but blowing off some steam with virtual drinking games can help you to relax during these unprecedented times. In addition to choosing to play board games online (free), you might enjoy a few tailgating or keg party type games as well. Be sure to drink responsibly if you decide to take this little break from the covid-19 reality.

For even more fun, dial in from two devices in each household to up the ante with different viewing angles to convey action and reaction, making the virtual hangout even more realistic.

Social Distancing Tips - Play Virtual Beer Pong with Friends on Video Conference

Virtual Beer Pong

With slight modifications, you can play a game of beer pong if each participant has the supplies and the space to set up the game.

  1. Set up beer pong as per usual.
  2. Only throw the ball when it’s your turn! Make sure the camera is pointed at the cups!
  3. Take turns with your friends on the other side.

Three Man

For us this game hails from college and now works well at tailgates and places with large groups. Clearly, coronavirus quarantine and lockdown make it impossible to gather for social drinking. Instead, play a few drinking games online with your friends. The rules for three man may vary from one crowd to the next, but proceed with caution. Drinks add up fast in this one!
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With a little creativity, you can likely play plenty of other games with slight modifications for an enjoyable online social experience. Don’t let your birthday pass you by and be sure to keep in touch with your closest pals despite the quarantine. First, play board games online (free) with your friends or family. Then, move onto party games if you so choose. Try these social distancing tips to make an otherwise boring time fun, exciting, and memorable, and be sure to share any tips or suggestions in our comments below!

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  1. Hey, You have mentioned some good options of games here and I love it. For me, the Call of duty warzone has been my savior from the boredom of lockdown. I am planning a game night with my friends, will look into some other games from the list too.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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