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Cheap, easy-to-plant flowers make me happy. You can find those at quite a few places locally, but Produce Junction is one of my favorites for flowers. We’re finally past the danger of frost – it’s been a bit dicey a few days here and there, but we’ve made it. To get our gardens geared up for summer, we picked out some of our favorite Produce Junction flowers last week. My daughters and their friends helped me to plant them and water them and now we get to enjoy the beauty stretching from the driveway up to our front door. If I had more time, I’d cover our backyard in Produce Junction flowers, too! Here’s what you can expect for PJ flowers this year…

Editor’s Note: Produce Junction Coronavirus Update

August 20, 2020 – At one point I saw that Produce Junction was offering curbside pickup for boxed produce. I inquired about this offering to see if it is still available, and good news – IT IS! I learned that most of the produce is available from stock in the back or on the shelves behind the counters with the employees, although some may come from the floor where customers shop. With that in mind, the produce on the floor is mostly packed in plastic bags, keeping it safe from handling for the most part (with the exception of larger items like melons.) 

To take advantage of Produce Junction Coronavirus Curbside Pickup, simply call your local PJ to place your order and then call again from the parking lot when you are there to pick up your order. They will bring it out to your car!

The Produce Junction flower prices always lure us into the store this time of year, and then we end up spending more in the fruit and vegetable sections, too. (Good sales ploy!) At least we know it’s always worth our while to drive out there. The produce store has so many choices in every department that it can be easy to overbuy. This year I picked up one flat of mostly petunias and impatiens plus a few rogue begonias and vincas. However, the selection at Produce Junction absolutely dazzles. You’ll find flowers in just about every color, shape, size, and style. Here’s the rundown.

Produce Junction Annual Flowers

Produce Junction Annual Flowers

Annual flowers at Produce Junction compel us to go to the store. We always find the selection impressive and able to accommodate pretty much any color scheme we’re hoping to work into our gardens.

Trays of Annuals Flowers at Produce Junction

Flats of Annuals at Produce Junction

9pk annuals cost at Produce Junction

Annual Flowers for Sale Near Me

Some of the best annual flowers you can expect to find may include:

  • Petunias
  • Impatiens
  • Begonias
  • Vinca (Periwinkle)
  • Portulaca
  • Marigolds
  • Celosia
  • And More

Celosia Annual Flowers

Annual Produce Junction flower prices vary for flats based on which flowers you’re getting. Some flats are only $5 for 9 while others are $7, $8, or $9 per flat of annual flowers. Mix and match or stick to your favorites to create a colorful display in your gardens.

Hanging Baskets of Pretty Flowers

Hanging Baskets of Flowers Near Me

Also, the flower department has beautiful hanging baskets with cascading flowers in almost any color. I’ve seen flower prices as cheap as $5 per hanging basket, and they definitely looked healthy.

Picking out Petunias at Produce Junction

Produce Junction Perennial Flowers

Lilies continue to hold the lifelong title as my favorite flower of all time, especially my favorite perennial. The gorgeous, showy blooms add brilliant pops of color to various corners of my gardens and I can’t wait to add more. (If only the weeds would stop choking them out! (#$^&^%$@#).

I noticed Produce Junction was selling what appeared to be very, very mature Oriental Lilies with extreme heights for about $15 for a pot of three thick, healthy stems. I really wish I’d bought some but my focus was on annuals that day. The Produce Junction perennial flowers I noticed most were the different types of lilies, Asiatic Lilies and Oriental Lilies. I also saw quite a few bursts of greenery and foliage but I don’t know precisely what they were.

Perennials - Huge Oriental Lilies

I believe many people go there for the flats and hanging baskets, but the perennials tend to be of good quality as well in my experience.

Produce Junction Perennials - Lilies

Indoor Potted Flowers

Produce Junction flowers aren’t just for outside. You can fully stock your houseplant collection with lovely African Violets, Orchids, or other indoor potted flowers. They had adorable Kalanchoe in pink or yellow with bountiful blooms brightening up the room. I’ve had poor luck with African Violets and Orchids in my day, but then again, my green thumb seems pretty faulty at times. The selection of flowers seemed worth the trip for us.

Buy African Violets Near Me at Produce Junction

By the way, if you ask me, a tropical motif is never a bad thing. The eye-catching Bromeliads lend a vibrant burst of color to elevate the vibe in your home or outdoor setting.

Potted Gerber Daisies

Produce Junction Cut Flowers

Some day I’m driving out there just to pick out Produce Junction cut flowers for me and the girls. It’s just a beautiful and refreshing energy when we have fresh flowers in our home. The roses and carnations are my favorites there, with so many different colors and bouquets to consider. Of course, you really can’t go wrong with so many beautiful possibilities.

Bouquets of Vibrant, Colorful Cut Flowers

Some of the most attractive Produce Junction cut flowers we noticed were:

  • Carnations
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Sunflowers
  • Alstromeria
  • And various colorful mixed bouquets

Produce Junction Flowers

I dream of having my own “cutting garden” where my girls and I can just walk outside and cut our own bouquet. Until then, I think we’ll make at least one or two visits to get some flowers for our kitchen table.

Produce Junction Flowers: Wedding Centerpieces

While we had a different florist for our marriage, it seems that with Produce Junction flowers, wedding arrangements could certainly work if you know a thing or two about floral design. If you’re having a low-key, DIY wedding, Produce Junction flowers might be a great fit, especially if you have time to arrange them. You could also inquire if they’d do the arrangements for you – I do not know if they offer that service yet. We did have good luck buying potted Stargazer lilies in the past and giving them to the mothers and grandmothers at my daughter’s first birthday party. These worked out perfectly for our needs at an off-site, catered birthday party event.

Produce Junction Flowers Wedding

A Word of Warning for Flower Purchases

Whenever you buy flowers, no matter where you are, be sure to take a quick look for Lantern Flies. Those pesky buggers were definitely crawling on the plants in nymph form (black creepy bodies with white polka dots). I carefully still checked my plants and went ahead with the purchase. My mom opted not to buy any flowers at all, since we saw a live Lantern Fly crawling on the plants and her area is not infested yet. (Knock on wood!) It’s just a good practice to check your plants and shrubs before you bring them home no matter where you buy them – Produce Junction flowers, Lowes plants, or anything, anywhere.

Lantern Fly Nymph on Flowers

In conclusion, I still completely recommend Produce Junction flowers and feel their prices are worth the drive. I would caution you to check for Lantern Flies and also to check the quality of your plants. We did see a few tipped over on the ground, and with any place, your mileage may vary.

We usually go to the Phoenixville / Mont Clare Produce Junction, but one of these days I’m going to make it out to Exton. You can catch a quick glimpse of our review on the entire Produce Junction operation here.

How’s your experience been with the Produce Junction flower prices and the flowers themselves? Share in our comments below or check up with a comment on Facebook!


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