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Produce Junction Collegeville Review and 8 Shopping Tips

I often find myself in my kitchen wishing I was the person I thought I was in the grocery store. I’ve come home with arms full of salad ingredients, kale, and other produce along with the best intentions. Inevitably, a wave of wintertime illness, a busy week, or some other excuse gets in the way to prevent us from using up all of that healthy food. Thankfully, the Produce Junction Collegeville / Phoenixville PA prices are typically low enough that I’ll go back and rebuy things to try again, hoping for better luck.

Editor’s Note: Produce Junction Covid-19 Curbside 

August 20, 2020 – Joining the ranks of other customer-oriented local businesses, Produce Junction continues to offer curbside pickup. You simply need to call your local store and place your order by phone. Then, roll up to the parking lot and call again so someone can bring out your order. Most of the food comes from the back, behind the counters surrounded just by employees. Some may come from the floor where customers shop, but if it does, most is bagged safely to limit contaminants. With how busy this shop always seemed pre-pandemic, I’d love to try the Produce Junction curbside pickup for quickness and convenience! If you end up trying it, feel free to share your experience in our comments below!

The Produce Junction in Phoenixville (Collegeville – I think it is actually called “Mont Clare”?!) offers quite the selection of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. As a bonus, their great prices make it easy to try a plethora of new vegetables at a moment’s notice. I like to try new veggies on the kids without worry of breaking the bank if they don’t eat it all. (Of course, we’ll always hope they do, but we’d be lying to ourselves if we really expected it every time, wouldn’t we?)

Produce Junction Phoenixville PA
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Produce Junction Collegeville Prices

My experience at Produce Junction Collegeville / Phoenixville (and I’m sure Produce Junction Exton is similar) is that the cost is typically much lower than the grocery store equivalents. I snapped these photos of the Phoenixville / Collegeville Produce Junction prices on the large boards behind the counters as well as along the walls and shelves during a visit in 2019. Be mindful that these prices came from in the Phoenixville location only and it was in late February when I took them. Your mileage may vary. For the latest Produce Junction Prices, it looks like you can visit their website and check out the specials.

Produce Junction Veggie Prices

Produce Junction Prices

Produce Junction Prices - Peppers

Produce Junction Fruit Prices

Try these tips to get the best Produce Junction prices possible without overspending on your next trip:

  • Bring cash OR card. Produce Junction Collegeville / Phoenixville used to be a cash-only establishment. I’d always plan to have enough cash in varying denominations to cover a week’s worth of produce. But, recently I found out they take credit card payments now, too! So now you don’t have to skip a produce run if you don’t have cash on you.
  • Know what you’re paying. I’m sure it’s probably a speed error, but I’ve often been overcharged. I’d go through the line and pay, only to realize after checking out that I paid a few bucks over the posted prices. My time-tested advice is to estimate your cost for each category—fruit, vegetables, and flowers—before you get in line and know what you’re paying before you check out.
  • Make a meal plan before you go. It’s so easy to get caught up in the amazing prices and the fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Avoid overbuying and minimize waste by knowing exactly what you need before you show up. (Okay, I admit that is easier said than done. At least plan to go back again soon rather than buying everything in one shot.)

Produce Junction Prices - Oranges

Produce Junction Prices - Apples & Pears

Produce Junction Prices - Nectarines & Apples

Tips on Shopping at Produce Junction Collegeville PA (and Beyond)

The Produce Junction prices make this store a definite gem to add to your grocery planning. Here are a few tips to improve your shopper experience.

  • Go with the flow. You will need to pay for your vegetables and herbs at one counter. Then your fruit at the other, and during the warmer seasons, you’ll pay for your flowers outside. Knowing this as you shop will is helpful. You can more easily check out in the shortest lines first, potentially saving yourself time as you go.
  • Bring reusable shopping bags for your convenience. Sometimes they might give you bags or boxes, but either way, you can help to save the Earth one step at a time.
  • Bring a cooler for berries and other delicate fruits. You may find some of the Produce Junction items in reach-in coolers or other chilled equipment. If Produce Junction is not your final stop, be sure to keep your fruits protectively chilled in your car.
  • Call ahead for bulk. I once ordered Produce Junction flowers for my daughter’s first birthday party. I called ahead to place an order for potted Stargazer lilies. We took home six or eight of them, used them as centerpieces, and then sent them home with my grandmothers and our parents.
  • Expect that parking can be very hit or miss. It looks like the Produce Junction Exton store is comfortably situated in a main shopping center with a spacious parking lot. The Produce Junction Phoenixville location, however, has a parking lot I’ve found problematic on many occasions. The nicer the day, usually the tougher it is to get a spot. Expect that you may have to park on the street and walk if you go during peak time. (I’m still not exactly sure when peak time is.)

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Fresh, Affordable, and Worth It

Produce Junction Prices - Sugarcane

Despite the sometimes-tricky parking situation, I still consider Produce Junction Phoenixville as my favorite place for produce. Sure, I’ll buy apples, beans, or whatever I need from Giant, Weis, Target, or Costco in between trips. But it’s usually a pleasant experience to go and pick from the fresh and expansive selection of produce at the junction.

Right now, I can’t wait for spring planting season! I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the low Produce Junction flower prices to get my beds ready. To this day, I still remember going with my mom to the Produce Junction in Doylestown. We would pick out flats upon flats of flowers for her gardens every spring. Soon! I hope my girls will have a similar fond memory. (I’ll update on prices for flats and selection once I go.)

Besides stocking up on Produce Junction flowers, my next “fresh” adventure will likely be a trip to Jim and Ralph’s Produce in Collegeville. I’ve never shopped there and I’d like to get a baseline comparison with Produce Junction prices, selection, and the parking situation.

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