Fall Activities for Kids - Pandemic Alternatives

28 Fall Activities for Kids – Pandemic Alternatives

Looking for things to do in the fall? This year is unusual for sure, but you can still find lots of fun fall activities for kids. Even if you don’t want to go in person, you can create unique and memorable pandemic alternatives to your favorite fall activities. From apple picking to hayrides and everything in-between, delight your family with some fall fun.

Try these traditional fall ideas and alternatives you can try at home during Covid-19.

Fall Apple Buckets Harvest or Game

Apple Picking

Most orchards and farms seem to be embracing covid-19 safety policies. We pick apples every year and would be super sad to miss it this year. Apple picking is one of our favorite fall activities for kids! If you are hoping to head to pick-your-own apple orchard in person, you can take special measures to keep yourselves safe. First, look for a PYO orchard that requires time slots for your picking window. You can also check their Covid-19 policies and procedures before you make your plans. Call ahead to be extra sure if you wish.

If you decide that heading to a local apple farm is a risk you just aren’t willing to take, here are some alternatives for your family!

  • Apple scavenger hunt at home! Hide a variety of red, yellow and green apples around the house. Once your kids find them all, cut them up and have a taste test. Or, bake something delicious!
  • Bobbing for Apples (Immediate family only)

Fall Hayride Alternatives for Kids

Hay Rides

If farm and fall festival hayrides are your jive, not to worry! With a little creativity, you can still give your kids a fun ride at home with these hayride alternatives.

  1. First, score some local hay!
  2. Add hay to your kids’ wagon or sled.
  3. Take turns pulling the kids around the yard or down the sidewalk / street.
  4. When you’re done, let them pull their favorite stuffed animals or dolls around the yard. They’ll love this hayride experience and sharing it with some of their favorite toys.

Corn Mazes

Okay, so this one is a little more difficult, but not impossible. You may not be able to fully simulate a corn maze experience, however…

  • Stick Forts – Encourage kids to use their imaginations and make stick forts outside.
  • Cardboard Fort or Maze – If you have a lot of cardboard, let them try to make a cardboard fort or maze.
  • Blanket Forts & Snacks – Failing that, blanket forts to save the day. Serve with fresh apple cider and cookies to seal the deal.
  • Kids Fort Kits – Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with snap-together fort kits. These kits bring unlimited possibilities to your little ones as they build and create.

Pumpkin Picking & Decorating

Pumpkin Picking Alternatives during Pandemic

Sure, the pumpkin patch is the most fun, but if it’s a little too uncertain for you, don’t worry. You still have options!

  • Order pumpkins with your grocery pickup order. Laziness for the win!
  • Grab pumpkins to carve and decorate from the grocery store. You can still sort of pick your own – from the bin at least. Still better than nothing.
  • Get faux pumpkins online or from a craft store and decorate them with your kids. These will now be permanent Halloween decorations you can enjoy EVERY year. (Although we’re sure you’ll never forget Halloween 2020!)

Fall 5k’s

Missing your favorite fall running series? Not to worry – you can find plenty of opportunities for fun virtual runs. Synch up with friends on your favorite running app, like Map My Run, and keep track of each other’s awesome efforts. Set a day and compare notes. Do your best and snap a few pictures during your run. One person from your group can merge all the photos into one big collage for solidarity.

Also, if you consider yourself a runner, take time to run with your kids. They will likely learn to love running as much as you do! Start small and add a few mailboxes to each distance before you take breaks with your beginner runners. For kid athletes, see if you can nail down at least a mile before calling it quits! Take a fun photo along the way.

Halloween Night

Trick-or-treating and Halloween festivals are huge. It’s really tough to think about missing out on these. Rather than worrying about what-if’s, I’ve decided to plan some epic substitutions and alternatives for Halloween. We may miss this year in an abundance of safety. That doesn’t mean our kids have to miss all the fun! Check out some creative alternatives to trick-or-treating!

More Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Check out these fun activities for kids in the fall – no alternatives required!

  • Jump in leaf piles with your kids. Yes, we mean it. Take photos. (And video.)
  • Go on nature walks and collect favorite leaves.
  • Turn favorite leaves into votive holders for candles. (Don’t forget the Mod Podge!)
  • Make pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Enjoy a fall picnic.
  • Make hot chocolate. Don’t forget the marshmallows!
  • Design your own haunted house.
  • Make fall handprint crafts.
  • Take a fall foliage drive.
  • Make your own candy apples.
  • Make homemade popcorn balls.
  • Have a campfire and make s’mores.
  • Make your own fall wreaths.
  • Try your talents with homemade candle making.
  • Add some fall flowers to your garden.
  • Make fall bouquets and floral arrangements.
  • Bake fall-themed cupcakes.
  • Paint and hang a birdhouse or bird feeder.
  • Make your own trail mix.

Fall Campfire S'mores!

Do you have more fun fall activities for kids? Be sure to share them in our comments below so we can all enjoy a fun fall despite the ridiculousness of 2020.

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