Social Distancing Birthday Ideas

Pandemic 40th Birthday Social Distancing Ideas

We all knew turning 40 would be one heck of a birthday, but pretty sure none of us envisioned it quite like this. Yep, this pandemic / social distancing birthday theme may not be the one of our dreams, but it’s the one we’ve been dealt. Options to celebrate this birthday milestone are on the skinny diet for most. Flights to fantastic destinations are likely postponed, and big parties are strongly discouraged as off-limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still welcome the Big 4-0 with a ton of great moments and a smile. It’s time to get a little creative for your pandemic 40th birthday with some social distancing celebration ideas. No matter what level of social distancing your family’s chosen, you can find a fabulous way to finish up your 39th year!

Whether you’re planning your own social distancing 40th birthday or a 40th party for your husband, wife, or someone else you love, this is surely a year to remember. Planning may be a bit tricky, since CDC guidelines and other health recommendations urge against gathering in large groups. And the later we get into the year, the colder the weather will be for outdoor gatherings. But no matter, a 40th birthday is something to be celebrated! The coronavirus pandemic has robbed us from so much already– don’t let it steal away this special birthday, too. Get planning now so you have enough time to pull it off, however you choose to do it. 

Social Distancing 40th Birthday Celebrations

Here we are waist-deep in a global pandemic and up against a birthday that is certainly worth celebrating. What to do?! Consider these social distancing birthday ideas for a fabulous 40th birthday to remember.

1. Social Distancing Birthday Car Parade

Invite everyone who matters to do a birthday drive-by for the special day. If you are planning your husband’s, wife’s or other friend’s 40th birthday, you can even keep it a surprise. Determine a day and a time. Reach out to everyone you want to invite. Specify where to meet, which direction to come down your street, and whether it’s rain or shine. Also let people know if you are planning this to be a fully social distancing complaint, no-contact event. Set ground rules as required and consider creating an event on Facebook so you can update the group accordingly should any new information come to light. You can specify no gifts, or choose a gift theme and invite folks to participate – such as a “beer drop” or “wine drop” as they drive by.

2. Social Distancing Barbecue

If your neighbors would be into it, throw together a social distancing barbecue. If you live close enough together, make it like a block party. Everyone can physically distance by staying in their own yards or at least 6 feet away. Each family cooks their own food and brings their own picnic gear outside. It can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate a pandemic 40th birthday.

3. 40th Birthday Tailgate

Football season sure looks a little different this year. But as any die-hard fan knows, cheering is even more important from home! Get together for a little social distancing tailgating party. You can keep your distance while having a blast. Have a few select friends or family members show up with their own tailgate grills or charcoal grills and food to make. Convert your favorite tailgating games into no-contact versions. If there’s a night game, consider watching on an inflatable outdoor screen with a projector. These are the moments you will remember forever. Even if the social distancing birthday occurs during the cold in the winter, true football fans will tailgate down to below freezing temperatures even harder. Enjoy!

4. Outdoor Movie Night

That projector and inflatable screen could be a great gift for the birthday boy or girl. A big-screen movie night can be a ton of fun with plenty of space in between to socially distance. You can pop your own popcorn, enjoy movie theater style boxed candy, and watch a single or double feature. Cuddle up under blankets if it’s cold out!

40th Social Distancing Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

No-Contact Pandemic Social Distancing Birthday 

For some, a no-contact birthday is the most comfortable way to go. Try these special touches to create a fun birthday vibe despite the covid-19 pandemic. 

5. 40th Birthday Yard Signs

Let the whole neighborhood know about this big birthday! Birthday Yard Signs for the Win! You can socially distance while also celebrating all week long. If you are celebrating a person who doesn’t live with you, you can order a yard to be decorated in signs as a surprise. You can also “flock” the yard with plastic flamingos or create another fun yard display that will serve as a great backdrop for some meaningful family photos.

6. Virtual Game Night

Get together with your besties on Zoom and play some games online while social distancing. You’ll have so much fun shooting the breeze and reconnecting with your favorites that it won’t even matter (as much) that you aren’t all together in person. You’ll get to play games virtually while also enjoying video chat, seeing everyone’s faces (albeit through a screen). Try games like Jackbox.TV’s offerings, Telestrations or Pictionary (or other drawing games), or even other fun games you can twist into an online version.

7. 40th Birthday Getaway

So this year may not be the best one for your BIG birthday getaway, but you can still plan something that fits the bill. Are you working from home? Are your kids in virtual school? Consider a domestic getaway to an Air BNB or another location that would allow you to maintain social distancing AND celebrate your 40th birthday in style! If your entire family is virtual, consider going away for an extended stay, such as three weeks to a month. You can even find a pet-friendly place so you furry bestie can come along for the fun, too.

8. Birthday Camping Trip

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors for a pandemic birthday for the books. Social distancing at its finest, a camping trip could be just what the doctor ordered to recharge your batteries. This kind of adventure could be a great way to kick off your 40th year despite the coronavirus situation. Simply keep to yourselves in your own family unit and enjoy the beauty of nature around you.

9. Gift Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to create scavenger hunts for their parents! Give them some paper to make clues and let them wrap and hide a few presents around the house. This worked out great for us for Father’s Day this year. Our girls were so excited for Daddy to find all his gifts. 

10. Iron Chef Style Bake-Off

Throw together a virtual bake-off or a very small and curated in-person gathering for a fun cooking competition. Work with foods you already have in the house, or have participants select random items to be unboxed for the fun cooking experience of surprise. Get your kids in on the fun or have them be the judges. Our dear friends did something like this for their anniversary and it sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. <3

Other Birthday Party Alternatives

These are just a few ideas for a fun and memorable 40th social distancing birthday. If you’re throwing the party, you likely know the guest of honor best. If you’re planning your own celebration, it should be even easier yet. You can try some of these other fun virtual or social distance birthday ideas for a pandemic party alternative.

  • Virtual Wine Tasting
  • Virtual Beer Tasting
  • Online Murder Mystery
  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Favorite Movie Marathon
  • Virtual Painting Experience
  • Small Group Golf Outing with Individual Golf Carts

Do you have any other awesome ideas for birthday parties in lock down? Share your favorite 40th birthday ideas that align with social distancing in our comments below!

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