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Best Secret Santa Gifts under $30

The holidays come quickly, and there’s always so much to do. I’ve set out to make life easier this year, even if it is a Covid Christmas. No matter what your visiting plans may look like, you can still have a rockin’ holiday. Let’s knock something easy off your list – Secret Santa! Here are some of the best Secret Santa gifts under $30 for anyone on your list!

As you plan to pick out the best Secret Santa gifts, bear in mind the relationship you have with the recipient. Make sure your gift is appropriate and suited to the person’s interests and personality.

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Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 for Her

An endless array of possibilities exists when doing a gift exchange with a female friend, family member, or coworker. Consider these best Secret Santa gifts under $30 for her:

  • Stainless Steel Wine or Coffee Tumbler – You can hire someone at Etsy to make a custom wine tumbler or coffee tumbler, or for time and convenience, choose one from thousands available for sale. Great gifts for anyone!
  • Fruit Infuser Bottle – A water bottle that infuses fruit lends a refreshing note to any woman’s day. Then she can enjoy delicious combinations like mixed berry, strawberry kiwi, and lemon raspberry infused water!
  • Cozy Slippers – Any gift designed to help her relax is a win in my book! Some plush and cozy slippers would be great for the work-at-home / quarantine lifestyle.
  • Justin Cabernet Sauvignon Wine – We enjoyed a bottle of this for our anniversary this year and I highly recommend this wine. Delicious and smooth, it’s a great gift for those who love red. Justin Cabernet Sauvignon comes in at $28 and is fit for a nice dinner at home, a visit to dinner elsewhere, or a BYOB.
  • Luxury Bath & Shower Bombs – Probably skip something like this for coworkers, but luxury bath goodies can be great options for family or friends. I love LUSH brand bath and body products – you can tell this brand loves what they do!

I’m basically making my own wishlist here. My husband will be happy when it’s December 22 and he still needs to order gifts!  

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 for Him

Sometimes the men can be the toughest ones on the holiday gift list. Other times great gift ideas are a snap. It may come down to how well you know the guy and what he likes or needs. Here are a few of the best Secret Santa gifts under $30 for him:

  • Craft Beer – How many bottles or cans of craft beer can you get for $30? It depends on the brewery but if your guy’s a connoisseur of the finer suds, this could be the coveted gift of the Secret Santa exchange!
  • Bluetooth Speaker – A Bluetooth speaker can be a great gift for anyone, but guys in particular seem to really like speakers. Consider a Bluetooth speaker that has a bonus feature such as being waterproof or with built-in LED lights.
  • YETI mugs – YETI is a trendy brand to give as a gift for the holidays. From actual YETI mugs with handlers to YETI tumblers for coffee, and even YETI can koozies, your gift recipient will be thrilled with a classy, quality Secret Santa gift like this.
  • Dart Guns / Marshmallow Shooter – Let them be kids again this time of year! Give the guys in your Secret Santa exchange a chance at some competitive play. NERF dart guns can be a lot of fun, and novelties like a marshmallow shooter gun can also be fun. (Don’t forget the marshmallows!)
  • RC Cars – Often kids at heart, the best Secret Santa gifts under $30 for him may often include toys and gadgets. Consider getting that guy on your shopping list a fun remote-control car, truck, or other gadget.

Great Office Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

Ah, the office holiday party. It’s always a fun time to gather for gift swaps with your coworkers, especially when you play the Secret Santa where you steal gifts – White Elephant style. Consider these great office Secret Santa gifts under $30.

  • Alcohol – Historically, wine and spirits tend to be great office Secret Santa gifts under $30. In Pollyanna events and white elephant parties, they’re often the gifts stolen amongst the participants. Of course, be sure that alcohol is not prohibited in the Secret Santa rules for any reason.
  • LED Flashlight – I don’t know about anyone else, but our flashlights always go missing. A really sweet LED flashlight would be super useful, whether for the home or the car.
  • Portable Power Bank (Charger) – Another truly useful gift, a portable power bank charger with different cords / adapters would be so handy. I know I’ve been down to the wire on battery life more times than I can count. You can even find portable power banks that double as reusable handwarmers!
  • Essential Oils – Lately it seems essential oils are trending in many homes with diffusers or in a plethora of DIY uses. The fragrances alone can be an inviting change and oils may be a nice option for your Secret Santa or White Elephant office party.
  • Yankee Candles – Boasting one of the best names in quality, Yankee Candles would be a welcome gift around the holidays. Your office Secret Santa will likely love a festive fragrance you choose in a large jar to last a while.

Many of the gifts in this guide will mix and match well for family, friends, or coworkers at an office Secret Santa swap. You may find items in the list for her or gifts for him will also work well vice versa. If you have any other favorite Secret Santa gifts under $30 we’ve missed, please leave a comment below!

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