7+ Things to Put in Your Christmas Countdown - Advent Calendar in Background, Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

What to Put in Your Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

What to Put in the Advent Calendar for Christmas 2020

This year’s got me thinking about the Christmas Countdown like, Does our Target carry the wine Advent Calendars? (Asking for a friend. No, no it’s me.) But seriously, if you’re wondering what to put in Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown drawers, look no further. I’ve got a list here that’s brimming with ideas for kids and adults alike. (After all this 2020 nonsense, I think we deserve it, don’t you?!)

From candy to non-candy options, you can find plenty of fun things to fill your DIY homemade Advent calendar. In our family, Hershey Kisses are the classic xmas countdown treat. However, to end this year on a sweeter note, we are going to double up with another fun toy or treat in the drawers each day.

Here are my favorite ideas for what to put in a Christmas Countdown! Feel free to browse through it all or skip through the categories until you find the Christmas countdown ideas that suit your needs. 

What to Put in Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown Drawers - Picture of Milk and Cookies for Santa in front of a Red and Green Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Candy

  1. Hershey Kisses
  2. Hershey Nuggets
  3. Mini Candy Bars
  4. Mini Candy Canes
  5. Leftover Halloween Candy
  6. DumDum lollipops
  7. Fruit Snacks / Gummies
  8. Nougat
  9. Wrapped Chocolates
  10. Chocolate Santas
  11. Dove Chocolates
  12. Starlight Mints

TIP: Be sure to check serving size or contents to make sure you have enough for all your children!

Toys for Christmas Countdown

  1. LEGOS
  2. LOL OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
  3. Hatchimals Colleggtibles
  4. Shopkins
  5. Barbie Play Food
  6. Matchbox Cars or Micro Machines
  7. Playmobil Advent Calendar
  8. Barbie Advent Calendar
  9. Little People
  10. Littlest Pet Shop
  11. Action Figures (like Marvel characters)
  12. Marbles
  13. Mini My Little Ponies
  14. Calico Critters
  15. Mini Squishies
  16. Other Blind Packs / Surprise Packs


Beauty Items for Christmas Countdown

  1. Nail Polish
  2. Lip Balm
  3. Hair Ties
  4. Scrunchies
  5. Temporary Tattoos
  6. Nail Art Accessories
  7. Bracelet Charms
  8. Mini Perfume
  9. Mini Body Mist / Spray
  10. Pocket Hand Sanitizer
  11. Small Lotion
  12. Mini Body Wash
  13. Bath Bombs with Toys inside!


Craft Items for Advent Calendar

  1. Embroidery Floss / Bracelet String
  2. Beads and Findings
  3. Stickers
  4. Mini Slime Containers
  5. Mini Clay or Play-Doh
  6. Self-inking Stampers
  7. Snap Beads / Pop Beads


Other Fun Ideas for Xmas Countdown

  1. Christmas Erasers
  2. Fridge Magnets
  3. Keychains
  4. Trading Cards
  5. Glow-in-the-dark Stars
  6. Small Christmas Ornaments
  7. Quarters (for rides, prizes, or piggy bank) or other money
  8. Scratch-off Lotto Tickets
  9. Collectible Crystals or Seashells
  10. Handmade coupons / vouchers for things they like – playing a game as a family, a takeout treat, etc.
  11. Surprise activities – indoor snowball fight, holiday movie night, etc.
  12. Kindness Challenges – Inspire your kids to do good for others without expecting anything in return. Bring cookies to surprise a neighbor or local community helpers. Help with a chore or do another good deed.
  13. Dog Treats!! Christmas Countdown can be fun for pets, too!
  14. Holiday themed books – Put a clue and hide the book somewhere in your home!
  15. Seed Packets – Great for Gardeners!
  16. Christmas Socks
  17. Essential Oils


Disney Christmas Countdown

  1. Mixed Batch of Disney Collectible Pins
  2. Disney Junior Advent Calendar
  3. Kids’ Disney Shoe Charms
  4. Disney Doorables


Adults Advent Calendar Ideas

  1. Beer Advent Calendar
  2. Wine Christmas Countdown
  3. Airplane Bottles Xmas Countdown
  4. Brain Teaser Puzzles


More Tips for Your Christmas Countdown

Try these special ideas to make your Christmas countdown even more fun every year!

  • If items don’t fit – Create clues and hide the items accordingly!
  • For a big prize at the end – Do a scavenger hunt style clue game.
  • Keep it interesting – Don’t feel you have to put the same thing in every xmas countdown drawer! Mix it up for even more fun.
  • Avoid conflict – Make sure you have comparable or identical items to avoid sibling squabbles.
  • Remember – Set yourself a timer or plan to do the Advent calendar at the same time every day, such as immediately after dinner.

White Christmas Countdown Calendar, Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

If you have other ideas for what to put in Advent calendars this year, please share in our comments below or on our Facebook page! And in case you’re participating in a pollyanna or white elephant this year, be sure to check out our post on the Best Secret Santa Gifts for under $30!

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