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Finding a Sunflower Field Near Me in Pennsylvania

Taking amazing photos in a field of sunflowers is something everyone get to enjoy at some time in their lives! Search for a “sunflower field near me” to capture some of your favorite pictures ever.

I’m creating a master list of sunflower fields near us here in Pennsylvania. (I may expand the list at some point to include other locations.)

Hope you capture stunning photos  and enjoy making happy memories!

Pennsylvania Sunflower Fields

These are all the Pennsylvania sunflower fields I could find in Pennsylvania. Be sure to check your favorite map program to determine which are nearest to you.

The Please Wash Me Car Wash in Elverson, PA also used to grow a stunning sunflower field. The business sold to new owners and the sunflower field sold separately so it will no longer be a sunflower experience destination. Lucky for all of those who enjoyed it in previous years!

Large Sunflower Field in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Hellerick's Sunflower Experience

Tips for Visiting a Sunflower Field

Consider these tips to make your sunflower experience a shining success!

  • Bring a container with water for any sunflowers you pick. Picking sunflowers is half the fun! Bring a bucket so you can keep your fresh-cut sunflowers alive on the way home. 
  • Take pruning shears or flower snippers if you have them. When we went to a sunflower experience a few years ago, the longest wait was the line for the sunflower cutting tools. 
  • Bring plenty of water to drink. Sunflower season usually coincides with the hottest part of the summer in many areas. Keep everyone in your group hydrated and healthy.
  • Check for Covid-19 scheduling, ticket preorders, and mask policies. Also be aware of social distancing for a safe visit for everyone involved.
  • Back up your photos and clear some memory. I always need to do this before something important where we want to take a lot of photos. I take so many photos all along that it makes good sense to get into a habit of backing up photos once per month if possible.
  • Charge your phone. Running out of battery is pretty much as bad as running out of space on your phone. Make sure it’s charged and ready to go!
  • Bring your camera. Even if you prefer the convenience of cell phone photos and selfies in a sunflower field, you may also love to have the creative control you gain with a DSLR.

Final Thoughts: Visiting a Sunflower Field

Most sunflower fields tend to be in full bloom between July and August, depending on the location. Some may go as late as September with prolific blooms you can cut or use as a gorgeous photo backdrop.

Mark your calendar to snap some incredible sunflower field photos this summer!

If you know of any other local sunflower fields, please be sure to share them in the comments below and I’ll update the post!

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