Best Deal Recon for Busy Moms! (& Friends) along Route 422

Finding great deals, saving money, scoring those must-have items or experiences at the best possible cost… In life, there’s something to be said about the thrill of the chase! (Of course, if you’re driving on Route 422, um, yeah, good luck with that chase. I’d try to avoid those rush hour times at all costs!) 


The exhilarating quest to find something of value or personal meaning and to make it your own…
The fun of surprising your loved ones with something they’ve had their hearts set on, or maybe never even knew they were missing…
Remembering to treat YOURSELF every so often, to recharge your batteries and enjoy time with family and friends…
That’s what 422 Deals is about — Optimizing your shopping experience to save money and having fun in the process while making great memories over shared experiences with family and friends.

422 Deals Coverage Area

422 DealsThe hunt for that perfect present, ideal evening out, that coveted must-have toy on the holiday list–or even just a better deal on something you buy all the time–it’s enough to get your heart rate going, or at least it can be if you’re trying to score your deal before it sells out. Deal hunting is fun and it can be even more fun with friends scoping out the deals and steals along the way with you, from the furthest stretches of Route 422 through Montgomery County, Berks County, and a reasonable drive in every direction.

Most of our deals focus on the geographic region from Reading down to King of Prussia and as far north as Pennsburg / Quakertown, and as far south as Downingtown / Exton. But some will be deals available online, and don’t be surprised if we share some deals for our favorite places in the Lehigh Valley, Philly, or the Jersey Shore. It’s all fair game when the drive is absolutely worth the rewards that await. 

Local Deals in Montco and Berks

You’d be surprised at how many cheap and free things there are to do in our area, right here along Route 422, for kids, for couples, for a fun night out with friends, which is probably what we need most. So here we are, your friends in finding top brands, hot buys, cheap and free fun, and lower prices on our own local turf.

We’ll find the best deals all along and around Rt. 422 and share them your way on our Facebook page, 422 Deals & $teals. We invite you to follow us there! Our deal recon will cut your shopping time down, minimize your planning process, and help to free you up for other more important things. Need to find something fast? Simply post to our group/page or send us a PM so we can help you connect the dots to where you might be able to score that awesome find!

422 DealsHere’s the kinds of local deals you can expect us to share your way:

  • Free and Cheap Activities and Events (For Kids, Couples, and Friends!)
  • Dining Deals, Kids Eat Free, and More
  • Freebies and Deep Discounts on stuff you want and need
  • Clearance Alerts at Local Stores
  • Stackable Discounts and Promo Codes
  • Savings Strategies and Tips
  • Store Closing Alerts, New Store Announcements, and More

Need something else? More Kids Free Fun? More cheap wine sightings? New Girls Night Out ideas? Just ask! We’re building this community for you! We’ll scour the whole route 422 corridor to find the best our area has to offer.

Who’s Behind the Scenes at 422 Deals?

My name is Kate Van Druff and I am a mom, wife, and business owner. In addition to running this site, I offer creative writing and marketing services through my company, Dances with Words. I have two adorable little sidekicks who love helping me find deals and visiting local attractions. I have daughters in first grade and preschool and they are so much fun. Also, we have a border collie, a fish, and of course, their Daddy, who often gets dragged along on our adventures, too. This site gives me something to build with their help as mini reviewers of lots of kid-friendly attractions in our area. I’ll always share their honest thoughts when available… You won’t get it any less sugar-coated than from the mouths of babes. :)) 
422 Deals - Bear Food

“Look Mom, they sell Bear Food!”

Personally, I enjoy time with family and friends, running, gardening, baking, cooking, and travel, among other things like visiting pick-your-own farms or enjoying a glass of wine with good friends. I’m constantly pulled in about a thousand directions, so I’ve decided to create this site (with my ‘free time’ – hah! What’s that?) to help moms like me who want to squeeze more amazing things out of life but don’t always have the time to research it all on their own. 
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Support a Local Mom-Owned Business and a Dream

From time to time, a few of our posts may contain affiliate links with trusted partners such as Amazon. This will NEVER cost you extra. Through these links, 422 Deals (Read: “Bunny” (6) and “Bear” (3), because it’s going to them) may earn small advertising fees for sharing and promoting the products, which we personally recommend. This allows me to work harder at finding these great deals for you. More specifically, it helps me to treat my girls to an ice cream or surprise them with their favorite pancakes at the diner once in a while. The fees come from Amazon itself and will never impact the price you pay for your items when shopping through our links.
Thank you for supporting a local mom and a dream!


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