DIY Glow in the Dark Pink Slime

DIY Easy Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe

One of the most memorable things I’ve tried to do as a homeroom mom turned out to be one of the most chaotic, in a hysterically fun way. An easy glow in the dark slime recipe! For the Harvest Party (Halloween Party) I decided to try to my own DIY Easy Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe… It worked beautifully at home during our trial run. We had incredible results with just a little bit of time and precise mixing. However, fast-forward to the 2nd grade harvest party as a homeroom mom in front of 25 kids rotating through 4 stations at a 10-minute-per-station clip, and yeah, well, let’s just say it’s too bad no one videoed this whole hilarious experience!

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Handprint Tree Skirt for Christmas Tree

DIY Handprint Tree Skirt for Christmas Tree Décor

Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged! Before you buy Christmas tree skirt options to try at home, consider a sentimental décor style you’ll cherish for years to come. Moments spent making this tree skirt will be just as sweet and precious as actually enjoying it on Christmas Day each year. It’s cheap, easy, and so meaningful to begin an annual holiday tradition of the painted handprint tree skirt for Christmas tree décor that involves the whole family.

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Epic unicorn jack-o-lantern

The Best Jack-o-Lanterns: Suggestions for Epic Fall Pumpkins

The best jack-o-lanterns are easy to pick out in a crowd. They’re eye-catching and look rather polished in a display of jack-o-lanterns. For this year’s pumpkin decorating contest, our daughter requested a unicorn jack-o-lantern. I’m pretty sure it took us a collective five or six hours to make, but it’s been epic. She took a full 45 seconds to react to seeing it for the first time! With that in mind, here’s a short and sweet list of our favorite tips and hacks for the best jack-o-lanterns.

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